Fittest Freshers Round 1: The boys

Fit n’ Fresh


It’s that wonderful time of the year where freshers are back and fitter than ever. We know all you girls have been fishing, but don’t worry we’ve brought you the catch. After two weeks of heavy field work, investigation and excessive Facebook stalking, here they are. It’s time to stop what you’re doing, take two minutes out of your day and unashamedly judge boys for what really counts – how they look.

Milo Maxton, 19, International Business Management with French and Russian

Relationship status: Single
Favourite chat up line:
“Me: My magical watch says you aren’t wearing any underwear..
Her: (I am.)
Me: It must be an hour fast.”

Bryce Williams-Watson, 19, Business Management

Relationship status: Single

Favourite chat up line: “You wanna know what’s beautiful? Read the first word again”

Freddie Chetwood , 19, Politics

Relationship status: Taken
Favourite chat up line:
“Are your parents retarded? Because you sure are special.”

Luke Spurling, 20, International Business

Relationship status: TakenFavourite chat up line: “You look so much better in person than through my binoculars.”


Everyone loves a little fresh meat on the scene and now you can put them to the vote.