Freshers advice from the rugby team

Meet the lads hoping to smash Northumbria next week

Newcastle’s Rugby Union 1st XV team are competing at Clash of the Titans on Wednesday 7 October 2015. We went to meet some of the boys that will be tearing up the pitch next week.

Jos Herbert, Geography, Front Row

Alongside playing rugby and finishing essays Jos also enjoys selling his soul to the corporation’s as a Brand Ambassador for Adidas, and posting friendship-ending numbers of photos on Instagram.

Best Memory: “Smashing the poly in 1st year of Clash of the Titans.”

Fresher Advice: “Know your social songs. Jesus can play rugby if the pitch is waterlogged, Jesus can, Jesus can, Jesus can. ”

Laurence Brown, Marketing and Management,  Back Row

When he’s not trying to cross the border, Loz enjoys being injured and running the Laurence Brown Stepping and Skills Academy, we have no idea why.

Best Memory: “My best memory was the 2’s win away at Leeds met, or 3s beating Durham 3s 13-12 (they missed 5 penalties.)”

Fresher Advice: “Honestly mate, I can turn anyone into Anthony Watson in a week” – make of that what you will.

George Adams, Geography, Full Back

This ex-United Academy player now prefers to grace Twickenham over Old Trafford, this professional poly-basher enjoys weekends away in Portugal and name-dropping, did we mention he played at Twickenham?

Best memory: “Winning the Clash in First Year.”

Fresher Advice: “Go to Costa over Starbucks every day of the week.”

Rhodri Adamson, Ancient History, Scrum Half/Full Back

When he’s not tearing it up for the Falcons, England students or the Uni, the half Scottish half Jamaican enjoys Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

Best Memory: “My 21st night out, Birthday’s have to be big in Newcastle.”

Fresher Advice: “Blueline never Budget.”

Zane Youssef, Front Row, Geography and Planning

When he’s not impressing the ladies at house parties with his formidable array of shadow puppets,  Zane can be found running rugby club socials or training his army of younger brothers into the next generation of Uni players.

Best Memory: “The awkward situations that come from Geography lecturers making innuendo’s.”

Fresher’s Advice: “Always be yourself, unless you’re Mungo, never be Mungo.”

Mungo Ackermen, Second/Back Row, Modern Languages

The King of Suave for NURFC, just look at that velvet blazer. We didn’t know they were a thing either.

Best Memory: “Ball Day, a day dedicated to the club and everything that goes with it. It’s great because all the old lads come back and celebrate as well.”

Freshers Advice: “Join a sports team. It’s the best way to meet people bar none, and the socials are the best at the university.”

If you fancy playing rugby this year but have yet to get in contact with the club you can find us on Facebook, or you can tweet us.  If you don’t fancy playing in the competitive BUCS leagues, then the Intra Mural leagues also offer a decent standard of rugby with the great social side, and the opportunity to come back to NURFC at any time.

The Women’s 1st XV  kicks off at 17:30 (Team Northumbria v Edinburgh University). The Men’s 1st XV kicks off 19:30 (Team Northumbria v Team Newcastle).