Newcastle students more satisfied than Durham, says new league table

We have a laugh

We’re happier with our courses and teaching than those at Durham.

The new Guardian university rankings show that Newcastle have a student course satisfaction of over 90.7% – higher than that of Dullham and Northumbria

Newcastle students were also pleased with the teaching standards, with a high 89.8% approval rating.

Ranked 29th in the country.

Individual subject performances were also impressive. Newcastle ranked third best for Art, behind only Oxford and UCL, as well as achieving second placed rankings for Health Professions plus Media and Film Studies.

Agriculture was also a subject area that placed well, ranking 6th in the country.

Art fresher Kate RIley said: “One of the things that drew me to this uni was how impressed I was with the Art department. It’s pretty sick that we are only just behind Oxford and UCL.”

A group of highly satisfied students

Figures were also highly encouraging in terms of employment, with almost 80% of Newcastle graduates finding themselves in a job after 6 months or less. As expected, the university also found itself 39 places above our good poly mates 68th-placed Northumbria, who only managed an employment rate of 62%. Pathetic.

It was a predictable high finish in the league for the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, although there was also a rise to fourth place for dark horse Surrey.

Despite dropping one place in this year’s rankings and curiously finishing behind UEA, we can be found within the top 30 UK universities, 6 places above prestigious Bristol and 7 above King’s College London. Not bad.

Although there was a lack of major movement, it’s a solid performance from Newcastle once again in the league tables.