SU hopeful’s cover of ‘Baby One More Time’ gets played on Radio 1

He didn’t win

An SU hopeful’s version of Britney’s “Baby One More Time” has been played on Radio 1.

Tom Gordon flopped in the SU elections, but at least Scott Mills dropped his tune for the nation on his show yesterday.

The second year Biochemist was running for Education Officer for a second year in a row and posted the video – which features him dressed as Britney in uniform – on YouTube to charm voters.

Scott Mills, who was presenting his Radio 1 show at the time, had Matt Lewis, Harry Potter star Neville Longbottom, in his studio.

The actor chuckled as he watched the video whilst the audio was broadcast across the country.

Tom told The Tab: “I emailed and tweeted Scott Mills the Friday before elections sending him a link to my campaign video which I had kept under wraps at this point”.

Tom hoped the DJ would play it during campaign week to boost votes ahead of polling day on Thursday. “It was played yesterday [Monday] despite campaigns finishing last Thursday. I didn’t know if it was ever going to make it onto the radio.”

Live lounge invite soon?

Tom only found out it was broadcast when a friend of a friend messaged him. “It was only when my friend, Saf, was told by his friend that they had heard it on radio 1 that I was aware.”

Tom’s not the only NUSU candidate this year to receive attention from the media. The official Cadbury UK twitter account tweeted President candidate Sophie Barclay wishing her good luck with her campaign.

Chocolate lovin

The Scott Mills show has an audience of around 6 million, and Cadbury UK has around 240K twitter followers. Despite this neither candidates were voted onto the Sabbatical team for 2015-2016.

Similarly to last year less than 30% of university students voted in the elections. Tom said “I was devastated on Friday night to find out I had not won. With voter turnout only increasing by 4 voters on last year it solidified my view that democracy sometimes sucks.”