Hot! Third year gets sizzling lapdance from fireman stripper

What did your godmother get you for your birthday?

It was supposed to be a civilised girls-only birthday supper.

So imagine this third year’s shock when a hunk dressed in fireman’s uniform turned up at the door and asked to “check the fire alarm”.

Lucky Bella was then treated to a lapdance from the burly Geordie, who stripped down to just his boxers and shoes.

Take that debbie dumpling

The huge chap visited the all girls house Larkspur Terrace as a gift from Bella’s godmother.

One party-goer told us: “When the doorbell rang someone said it might’ve a stripper as a joke. But no one had any idea one was coming.”

The housemate that answered the door believed he was telling the truth and willingly let him in.

“He marched in and said ‘I hear there’s a party going on in here’  and was shining a torch.

“Everyone was so confused and thought it was the police for a noise complaint even though it was 10pm.”

He left his kicks on


‘I’m here to check your fire alarm’

One excited party-goer said: “He grabbed the birthday girl and took her to a seat in the middle of the room. She had to unzip his jacket with her teeth, then rub baby oil into him, lick whipped cream off him, pretend to give him head with a banana, he spanked her, and gave her a lap dance, pretended to do her from behind and then sprayed a dick-shaped water gun at her… it was hilarious.”

But the birthday girl didn’t quite manage to get a view of his fireman’s pole. Bella said: “He did not do a total strip was left in a g-string but brought a huge dildo with him which he pretended was his dick.”

The witnesses

According to other sources, everyone was in a state of shock and thought the whole experience was a bit surreal. But apparently everyone loved it all the same.