Eyebrows! Hairy second year to shave bushy brows for charity

He’s going to look like a thumb

A ballsy second year will shave his eyebrows clean off if he raises £1000 for charity. 

Bear-like Giles Ross, known to many as “The Brow”, will cut, shave and wax all body hair in exchange for charitable donations.

The Sociology undergrad will be saying goodbye to his beloved brows if he manages to receive the target of £1k for Build Africa.

Giles, 21

‘They are my pride and joy, so they do require some upkeep, keeping them as two brows rather than just the one that is.’

Fluffy Giles tells The Tab: “The idea itself came from the internet phenomenon that was the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, something that hopefully everyone can have a good laugh and at the same time raise some money.

“My brows are definitely  going to be the most missed – I mean in some respects they are my identity.

“My mother actually doesn’t mind having a thumb for a son for a while, as it is all for a good cause.”

“It will be interesting to hear what I will be know as after being known as ‘the guy with big eyebrows’ for so long.”

“In terms of the actual removed hair, I am offering it out to anyone who requests it after donating.”

The prices of each hair removal stage.

“I’ve been trying to raise awareness for the charity whilst at Uni, more importantly get some cash for the kids out there in Kenya and Uganda.

“The charity is ‘Build Africa’, a charity who really know how to make the most out of all the small donations they receive.

“Last year I managed to scramble £200 in halls, which went towards buying the children textbooks.”

The children of Katodio School in the district of Bullisa, Uganda.

“I’ve been out there to each country working with the office. It was just great to see how such small amounts of money can make a huge difference.

“They focus on improving education whilst helping the surrounding communities in rural areas.

“It’s a £1000 target to reach before the 18th May for the brows to go. So it’s a win-win scenario for me, if we don’t make it I get to keep my eyebrows and if we do all the cash will go towards building a library out in Uganda.”

Giles’ JustGiving page is available from: https://www.justgiving.com/TheBrow