BNOC of the Year: Group Two

The votes came in thick and fast for group one, so take your pick out of group two to make it into the final.

This second group has an abundance of promoters, but apparently not the really annoying ones. This was done so that the final doesn’t have too many of “them” in it.

Connor Berry

The promoters’ version of actors’ headshots.

Connor is the younger brother in a dynasty of promoters that will continue for centuries. A proud tradition in the Berry household, this boy is the Tony Soprano of Stage One and he can be seen strutting his stuff on all of their nights.

Toby Gebbie

Just an all round top guy

Feast your eyes on the Casanova of Newcastle. Rumoured to be extremely loved up, this guy loves travelling, speaks French and Italian and is even the Travel rep for “Yemense national airlines”, which seems to not which means he’s not a bad BSer and that’s something to be proud of. Rugger bugger and Jesmond dreamer, he surely has the ladies’ votes?

Will Waples

On a walk of shame, the self-proclaimed “most explosive boozer in Jesmond” doesn’t even put his clothes back on. Caught here on one of thousands of morning afters, he does what he wants, when he wants. People call him Spenny, after the notorious MiC character and he likes to think he’s just as mischievous. Who agrees?

Freddie Tomblin

Another promoter for you, however this guy doesn’t quite fit the mould, as he is reportedly quite nice. Our sources say that “he seems to know everyone” putting him in fantastic stead for the BNOC prize.

George Goldspink

Sealed with a kiss

“Awww how cute!” say all the ladies. He does have a tough side however, as the sworn arch nemesis of the Union he took sports night moved from there to Tiger Tiger and now manages it. With an air of humility he admitted he’s “not really a BNOC though”. Don’t be shy George, let the people decide.

Jamie Gilbert

Jamie has had a prolonged stay at Newcastle after having to give one year another go and this is why he feels people know him. Seen here trying his best to smile, this Uni-X promoter has VK sprayed his way through Uni and isn’t looking back.

Charlie Oxley

Ladies, fella, ladies, fella

Promoter, young apprentice and founder of the Jesmond Market, Mr. Oxley is up against Connor Berry, his colleague in night time prowling. Speculators have him in high esteem stating: “how can this LAD not win BNOC of the year?” Let’s see.