Floored for ideas?

Here’s an ultimate treat and for only £20!

christmas present

Searching for that perfect Christmas present for your housemates? Well here at The Tab we think we’ve found the perfect Newcastle present!

The item, listed on eBay, could give you something to take away from your time here. Why not buy your mates a pinewood floor that used to be housed in the Newcastle University Student Administration?

The lucky recipient of this gift will surely love you forever.

The seller lists the item as “exceptionally solid [and] durable” and is “tongue and groove”, which will be a relief to any interested parties!

Just as we’ve got you thinking that you may have found that perfect something to help towards the pimping of your student crib, we regret to tell you that there’s a catch.

This reclaimed wood is located in Tarporley, in Cheshire so don’t go thinking you can carry it back down the Osborne Road!

The seller of the item is sure to be inundated with bids for this luxury, 6 slat portion of flooring! He has even gone to the effort of creating “a storyboard to show off three different styles that can be achieved”. Fantastic.

We are not yet sure how this product has ended up on the popular internet site but are looking into it.

Reclaimed wooded flooring with a Newcastle heritage: what more could you wish for at this seasonal time of year?

Get bidding people!