Geordie Shore Papped on Pull Cam

Scott caught trying to make a quick escape while James goes home empty handed, obviously.

Geordie shore legends pull cam

Wednesday night legends descended into chaos last night as the cast of MTV’s Geordie Shore appeared for a night of filming.

If that was enough to cause a stir, newbie Scotty was caught on the now legendary Pull Cam trying to make a quick escape with an as yet unnamed girl at 2am.

Not so fast!!

A Uni X pull-cam spokesman told The Tab “this is the exact reason we set this operation up, there really is no escaping!”

We believe it is safe to say that Scotty, who portrays himself as ‘the life and soul of the party’, is more that keen on student night out and is said to be a big fan of the Deluge at Legends night especially.

His partner in crime Gaz was also captured doing what he does best.


Needless to say James was caught going home alone yet again after failing to impress with his ‘short, back and comb-over’.

Home alone for a hot chocolate!

The cast was split into two groups for filming inside the venue leaving Charlotte and Holly apparently receiving multiple ‘Unay’ chants by a crowd of overexcited rugby boys.

All this comes after The Tab revealed yesterday that Newcastle City Council has become disillusioned with an image of a boozing capital and hope to curb bad behaviour.

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