Party time over?

Nightclubs may be forced to shut by 2am

newcastle nightlife party time over

A big step up by council chiefs may see Newcastle’s reputation as one England’s leading party cities come to a grinding halt.

The killjoys claim they have become disillusioned by the Geordie Shore image promoting our northern city as a place for ‘tequila n’ tashing on’ and plan to bring in new regulations to curb the nightlife.

Setting a bad example?

New measures may see nightclubs forced to shut by 2am latest with bars and restaurants only allowed a 1am licence.

Under the motto “Safe, Sensible and Social” it seems they are just one too many S’s from the Nazi party’s ‘Schutzstaffel’ (The SS for those uneducated).

It appears that one of the plans may be to introduce a late night levy in an attempt to raise money to cover the rising policing costs that occur as a result of late night naughtiness.

Nick Forbes, Newcastle City Council, told the press “Pubs and clubs are in competition to open later and later. All this does is encourage people to drink for longer.”

“The council and the police are left with significant costs. It is a big draw on our resources. We also want to change the licensing policy to reflect the significant health issues caused by alcohol. If we do not act we could be sitting on a health timebomb.”

It appears that the fun brigade are on their way, best make the most of it whilst it lasts!!