Student’s skull fractured following CCTV assault

Fight outside student union leaves Law student in hospital

assault cctv

A Newcastle student was left with a fractured skull after a fight erupted outside the Union on Saturday night.

Matthew Copeland, a fourth year law student, was violently attacked whilst leaving the popular CCTV night with friends.

He was left unconscious for minutes before coming round with no knowledge or memory of the event. Luckily his friends were at hand to put him into a taxi and take him to A & E.

It is The Tab’s understanding that all CCTV footage from outside the club has been handed over to the police in an attempt to find the guilty party.

A statement released by Copeland’s parents calling out for information stated that “Matthew was just stood there, he was not engaged at all” before he was assaulted while also stating that he is a “pacifist, he’s always trying to smooth things over, not get[ting] involved in a fight.”

The police told The Tab that “his condition is not believed to be life threatening.”

They have “spoken to a number of witnesses”  and “are appealing for anyone who saw what happened or who has information about the incident to get in touch as soon as possible”.

The Tab spoke to a key representative of the CCTV night and stated: “as it’s now a police investigation we are unable to comment but are doing all we can to aid the investigation”

Got any information about the incident? Contact the police on 101 or email us on [email protected]