Newcastle students get more play!

Northumbria found wanting in the sack

A new student survey has revealed that attendees of Newcastle University are getting more action during their time at university than the former poly.

The information, collected by studentbeans, surveyed 4,656 students across the country whom consider themselves sexually active to devastating results.

Newcastle placed inside the top 15 with an average of 4.72 sexual partners during their time at university compared to Northumbria’s 4.17.

Any mathematicians amongst will be quick to realize that’s almost half a partner more over 3 years!

A male Newcastle student, whom has asked to remain nameless in case it affects his game, reckons it comes down to “perfecting the art of booty calling” that gives them the advantage over their city rivals.

However, its not all bad news for the rivals as a similar survey has revealed that the crowds from Northumbria are the bigger drinkers.

It may surprise many but Newcastle University only came in a disappointing 37th in the country, 13 places behind the poly.

Thinking of popping down to the big winners? Head to Queen’s University Belfast for a ‘piss up’ and Bangor University (pure coincidence?) for a bit of sexual action!