Jail for Tup Tup Thug

Bottling incident left student unable to smile

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A man has been jailed for a gruesome assault upon a visiting student in a Newcastle nightclub last November.

Daniel Smith, of Milton Keynes, had made the journey north from Plymouth University to come and visit friends when the thug struck.

The popular student club

In a swift change of atmosphere he was suddenly hit in the face by an upturned bottle being swung by Sandeep Rahl whilst on the dance floor of one of Newcastle’s most exclusive nightclubs.

The prosecutor, Paul Rowland, said in court how Daniel had “suffered extensive lacerations to the side of his face which have left a 10cm L-shaped scar.”

‘But there is also damage to the nerves that leaves him unable to smile”


The defendant, from Kent, drawn to Newcastle by its flourishing reputation as a party capital, was jailed for a total of seven years and three month prison sentence.

Rhal’s friend, Jorawar Singh, received an eight month suspended sentence following an admission of assault on another man on the dance floor at the same time.