Fierce competition: Photobombing

It is a bigger part of unay life than we realise, we all do it, don’t remember it, and then like it on facebook. It’s the photobomb.

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Newcastle has a proud tradition of photobombing and nowhere was this better exemplified than in Tup Tup this week:

Three girls trying to have a ‘nice’ photo in Tup Tup. They have probably split one bottle of white between them, and are hoping to be bought just the one single vodka and diet coke to get them through the evening.

HOWEVER we all know that the good lads of Newcastle University were not going to let this happen, and indeed thanks to a textbook photobomb these women were unable to sabotage the hedonistic image of Newcastle University.

Well played sir. We can all rest assured that the city’s reputation for rowdy fun wasn’t ruined by these three prudes.

Thankfully he is not a one off, and there are martyrs out there keeping an eye out to ensure that no photos which could tarnish this great city’s reputation for debauchery make it on to the book.

Separated at birth?..these twins have their photo bombed

Above, two unknown men ensure that the guys at the fore of the photograph, who have clearly come out with the intention of looking like exactly the same person, are unable to ruin the feral ambiance in The Den’s Club Feral Friday.

The brave work of the many good lads out there ensuring that photographs are bombed is not to be taken for granted, and it is important that the students of Newcastle University do not turn on their heroes like the citizens of Gotham in the last batman. Indeed Newcastle’s proud photobomb heroes have a reputation that is unparalleled throughout the nation.

BUT there is always competition. The below photographs of a photobomber at Exeter University should send a clear message that we must not rest on our laurels, we must make sure that this proud tradition is continued.

The Exeter Photobomber represents a genuine challenge to the image and sanctity of the city of sin we hold so dear.

He is versatile in his bombing, and seems to be everywhere seriously raising the profile of this tame seaside university.

Like Batman battled the Joker, like Spiderman battled the Green Goblin and like Prince Phillip continues to battle political correctness, we must ensure that Newcastle unites to retain its monopoly on a proud tradition.

Bombs away.