Ken Brown

Champions League vs Valentine’s Day

Why the return of the knockout round is far more important than Valentine’s Day.

The Tab Tries: Being Edgy

The worst kind of people

The real menace to society are women who use the men’s loos in nightclubs.

The worst kind of people

More nightclub related angst by the man who brought you ‘Promoters still immoral’

Promoters still immoral

A highly regarded investigative journalist from The Tab reveals the disgraceful deeper truths behind Newcastle’s pest pandemic.

Danger Season Over!

Words of Wisdom

25 snippets of advice for male Freshers e.g. It’s essential that you get one really good black eye, doesn’t matter how.

Fierce competition: Photobombing

It is a bigger part of unay life than we realise, we all do it, don’t remember it, and then like it on facebook. It’s the photobomb.