Fallowfield locals lash out at new OP plans

Fallowfielders have complained of all night parties, banging on bins… and dead guinea pigs in a hedge

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Angry local residents have slammed plans to demolish the OP tower and expand the Fallowfield campus, releasing a list of shameful student behaviour.

Some might be sad to see the concrete monstrosity go – but local residents are hitting back at the new proposals, unveiling a dossier of student behaviour that they’ve put up with over the years.

The eyesore’s days are numbered

The revamp of the OP campus will see the end of the tower but the addition of another 800 rooms.

Now, residents of Fallowfield have sent uni bosses a list of drunken antics they have seen in the area, in an attempt to stop the new project from happening.

And it comes as no surprise that local residents aren’t our biggest fans.

One complaint from March this year records “two dead guinea pigs dumped in hedge”, while another from last September reads “girls singing ‘I want to **** you’ at top volume”.

I don’t care how cold it was, that hedge was way nicer than the Tower

Around 80 more reports of student vandalism, noise, littering and urination have been complained about since the start of this academic year – all on just six roads.

Uni apparently told Fallowfield residents that the Owen’s Park campus would not be expanded in any new plans for the area.

But that turned out to be a bit of a porky, as plans to demolish the Tower and create 800 more student rooms were revealed just before the Easter break.