Mouse spotted running around inside University of Manchester library building

Footage shows the rodent scuttling around the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

A mouse has been spotted running around inside the University of Manchester Alan Gilbert Building.

In footage seen by The Manchester Tab, the rodent can be seen scuttling around under a desk in the corner of the library building.

While it has not been confirmed whether the animal was a mouse or a rat, commenters on the video believe it is a mouse due to the size of its body and tail.

The mouse was spotted on third floor of the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, with the video posted and shared by @ManchesterBanter. It proceeded to run between table and chair legs and at one point, looked as if to make a break for it into an exposed area of the library. The footage follows it as it hops over obstacles and eventually runs behind a sofa in a different direction and out of shot.

Kaitlin, 21, who studies Politics and International relations, told The Manchester Tab that this isn’t the first time rodents have been seen inside the building. Shee recalled seeing multiple mice when studying overnight in the library recently: “I was doing an all nighter there a couple weeks ago and I genuinely saw like six, I had to keep on moving spots because it was so gross.”

But many viewers who commented on the video online were not shocked by the mouse’s presence inside the library building and were instead amused. One viewer explained that the mouse must’ve been struggling to find a seat in the library, writing: “Bro is just looking for a seat without an unattended bag on it.”

Another wrote that the clear explanation for the mouse was simply that it had a library card: “Obviously has a card? How could he get in without one?”

One commenter who appeared to be well read on rodent composition corrected the caption which had referred to the animal as a rat, writing: “That’s a mouse. Rats are bigger and have thicker tails.”

It was suggested by one viewer that it would have been the food brought into the library by students which attracted the rodent. They wrote: “That’s all the food people take up to the library eating.”

Another recognised the animal and simply said: “Oh hey it’s my ex!”

The University of Manchester has been contacted for comment. 

Images via @ManchesterBanter on Instagram

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Featured image via Instagram @manchesterbanter_