You can get FREE vegan food at UoM today

Linda McCartney is the gift that keeps giving

The Tesco Express in Fallowfield is closing down

It’s closing permanently in three weeks time

Uni of Manchester grads are the 5th most employable in the UK

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The Tab's official Manchester Freshers' guide

Find out the best places to upgrade your downtime in Manchester


Pro-life charity rejected from Manchester’s Freshers’ fair because it is not the ‘correct platform’

Life wants to spread awareness and help students with unplanned pregnancies

Manchester student found £1,000 in trainers she bought on eBay…and sent it back

‘I was glad I returned the money’

Breaking: Manchester Pride will no longer take place on Canal Street

Campaigners claim it will ‘rip the heart out of Manchester’

Antwerp is opening until 11 in September


Official UoM Instagram hijacked in fossil fuel investment protest at graduation

Graduates spilling tea

Welcome to the Warehouse: Warehouse Project opening weekend revealed

WHP is back, baby

Manchester students have painted over a ‘racist’ Rudyard Kipling poem in the Students’ Union

They replaced it with a poem by Maya Angelou

Manchester third year gets ‘Southgate you’re the one’ tattooed on him in Kavos

And to think you were only joking about this in your group chat

Revealed: Police only solved one sexual and violent crime in Fallowfield last year

It’s well below the national average

There is an LGBT+ Campaign at UoM boycotting Manchester Pride this year

An alternative event will take place instead

Adam from Love Island is coming to Manchester for a club appearance in August

Will he still be relevant though

‘Lower grade requirements made me work harder’: Uni is being made more accessible for low-income students

We spoke to low-income students about lowering grade boundaries

Here’s how to get tickets to see the World Cup at Castlefield Bowl in Manchester

It’s coming home

Listen up, according to this research Manchester is actually in the South

Hear me out

People are campaigning to get misogyny recognised as a hate crime in Manchester


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