Charlie Bartlett’s death has been confirmed as accidental

His body was found on a building site in May last year following his disappearance after the OP ball

An MMU grad has admitted involvement in a ‘neo-Nazi’ plot to kill a labour MP

He also pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill a police officer and is accused of child sex offences

We found a secret code to get a FREE Pangaea ticket


The University of Manchester is the 29th best university in the world

And sixth in the UK

The University of Manchester has been ranked in the top 100 unis in the world

It’s in the top 10 UK unis

An Oak House fresher found a naked drunk guy in his bed after popping to the kitchen

He still doesn’t know how he got there

‘Thank god I know karate’: An MMU student has been attacked by teenagers on the Curry Mile

They asked him if he had any weed

Sankeys is returning to Manchester

For one night and one night only

What’s happening in Manchester to mark the MEN attack anniversary today?

22 people were killed at Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017

A barbecue resulted in a house fire on Egerton Road at the weekend

Students in surrounding properties have been temporarily moved out of their houses

A homeless woman has lured over 40 Manchester students to a house where they get mugged

‘She pulled out a flip knife and demanded I withdraw all my money’

Antwerp Mansion is being rented out as a haunted house venue

Though the ghost of Antwerp seshes still haunt you

There’s a Nigel Farage themed garage night coming to Fallowfield

Because Farage and garage sound similar get it

RNCM student accuses friend of raping her because he was in a ‘bad mood’

He sent her facebook messages the next day asking how many people she had told

The summer Pangaea: Made in Manchester line up has been released

And on the seventh day, God announced the Pangaea line up

This is how to make a complaint to the uni about the strikes

If you think a free graduation gown isn’t enough compensation

University of Manchester announces compensation for strikes

It will use the deducted strike pay to benefit students ‘through new and additional activities’

The Gym Fallowfield has been CLOSED

It’s only been open for just over two months

University of Manchester has disabled ratings on their Facebook page after a flood of negative reviews

Campaigners have been banned from commenting on UoM’s posts

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