Flooding on Oxford Road shuts down swathes of UoM campus

The flooding has cancelled teaching and Freshers’ events

Exclusive: Nancy Rothwell personally tracked social media of student protestors

Security reports show CCTV was also used to track student occupiers’ movements

Marcus Rashford mural in Withington filled with supportive messages after vandalism

There has been an outpouring of support over the defaced mural

Revealed: Manchester Uni decided to ignore referendum result weeks before the vote

Some board members said it ‘could give the impression that the board had not given sufficient consideration to issues raised’

Revealed: Manchester Rent Strike won almost £11 million for students across the year

Rent Strikers promise to continue ‘to hold this uni and its management accountable for as long as they fail to do so themselves’

‘So demotivated’: 89 per cent of Manchester students oppose moving lectures online

Over 4,000 people have now signed a petition against it

Manchester Uni announces permanent move to ‘blended learning’

Uni Vice President April McMahon sees blended learning as the ‘norm for students in the future’

Blind Manchester student ‘told his guide dog cannot enter a Burger King’

‘Being denied access to basic needs in 2021 is disgusting and outrageous’

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Manchester Uni moves up two spaces in uni league table to 15th best in UK

But it’s 104th for student satisfaction

Manchester Uni spent nearly £25,000 on extra security for student occupations

Occupiers say it was a ‘complete waste of money’ by the uni

‘I was sexually assaulted in halls, and now MMU is letting him return to campus next year’

‘His presence still lingers on in my flat and it would be like a never-ending nightmare’

The Warehouse Project confirms it’s returning this September

Tickets go on sale from 10am this Thursday

There’s been a ‘terrifying rise in antisemitism in Manchester’, charity says

Jewish residents are ‘concerned for their safety’

‘Free Palestine’ protests across Manchester

Masses showed support for Palestine in Manchester over the weekend

Sam Alex occupation ends after almost 3 weeks

The occupiers say they will now ‘escalate with new radical tactics’

FCK UOM protest marches through Manchester

Students were protesting the University’s handling of the pandemic