University of Manchester has ranked 23rd in The Times Good University Guide

The uni has risen one place since last year’s league table

Manchester University lecturers announce strike dates for the beginning of term

The strikes will last up to nine days

‘It’s laughable’, Manchester students given £500 for not having degrees before graduation say

‘I’m £60k in debt with no degree to show for it’

Manchester University is giving £500 to all final years who don’t have their marks by graduation

Thanks guys but I would quite like to have my actual degree too x

Manchester students told hackers will release ‘life destroying’ data unless uni pays ransom

They also claim students can pay a ‘small fee’ to not have their data leaked

Man who killed 19-year-old Manchester Met student Luke O’Connor sentenced to 15 years

Luke was stabbed to death in Fallowfield last year after coming home from a Halloween party

University of Manchester spent £38,000 on private bailiffs to ‘violently’ evict rent strikers

‘This is the amount the university deemed appropriate to scare, frighten and silence their own students’

‘I know Luke didn’t say anything bad’, friend tells court in Fallowfield murder trial

‘I’m not sure what got this guy’s back up or why he felt the need to respond in the way he did’

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Luke O’Connor was killed in Fallowfield after light-hearted skateboard comment, court told

The second year MMU student was fatally stabbed after coming home from a Halloween party

There are officially more rats in Fallowfield than students, new study finds

Praying the uni doesn’t choose to increase rent prices to deal with the pests

Manchester senior staff accused of discussing rent striker’s financial background in leaked emails

‘The university is just trying to distract from its failings’

We’re listening but won’t actually implement any of your demands, Manchester tells students

Last week 97 per cent of students voted in support of Manchester Rent Strike’s demands

Rent Strike students occupy University of Manchester security offices in midnight operation

They said ‘we will not be intimidated by force or threats’

NUS says it’s ‘disgusted’ with University of Manchester after ‘violent’ eviction of rent strikers

Students were dragged out by private bailiffs this morning at 5:21 am

Manchester students regain access to John Owens during senior management meeting

Later in the day, the board of governors refused to leave a building as students tried to give them a letter

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