Why being a single student in Manchester this Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world

If this is Ed Westwick reading: It is the end of the world

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Manchester Metropolitan University to suspend face to face teaching

They’re suspending face to face teaching on the 27th of March

Manchester students rescued an adorable rabbit from under a car and found him a home

Fallowfield is a dangerous place for a bunny

Documentary released about the Paris vigil in Piccadilly Gardens

People gathered in the city centre to show solidarity

Campus Style: Weekend vibes

These hip students are geared up for the weekend

‘Dont play Russian Roulette with your life’: GMP crackdown on legal highs in Manchester

Here come the fun police

I did Parklife on less than £5 and still had a large one

One man’s journey

Manchester uni fails to protect victims of sexual assault

They have no formal process in place to deal with victims

‘Ridiculous’ uni officials ban fourth year’s ‘deceitful’ Parklife transport

It’s called the Parklife LadyBus

These are the questions the freshers of 15/16 are asking themselves

Brace yourselves…the freshers are coming

Female Manchester student posed as a man to groom a 13 year-old girl online

Sukhvinder Dudrah has pleaded guilty to four charges

Playing ‘shag, marry, kill’ with the political party leaders

Obvs shag Miliband

How a Yik Yak post nearly turned into a full blown orgy in Kro

You lot are filthy

Is Manchester turning into London?

It’s trying very hard

I went to Manchester’s first cereal café…and nobody was there

At least it came on a wooden board and the milk was free

Ex-BNP Jack Renshaw says ‘hang Jews’ in blog post rant


Big pets on campus: A day in the life of Doug the dog

Hobbies include playing the piano and watching Broadchurch

Student curates her own exhibition that gets ‘down and dirty with art’

And you’re even allowed to play with the artwork

I got a whole outfit from the Northern Quarter for £20

‘Vintage’ isn’t as expensive as you think

Campus style: Winter coats

Everyone’s wrapping up