Union replaces ‘Monday Big Ones’ with new Mexican drinks deal

The drinks included aren’t even from Mexico

UCLU has officially ended the £1 Monday drinks deal or ‘Monday Big Ones’ at all Union bars.

The deal, one of the few things making Mondays bearable, has been replaced by a new ‘Mexican Monday’ deal that offers selected beers, like Desperados, at a new price of £1.50 and a ‘Tequila Sunrise’ for an eye-watering £2.00.

According to a source within the Union, ‘Monday Big Ones’ had to be phased out because of continued price hikes from wholesalers, as the drinks on offer under the Licensed Trade Plus programme, an organised deal between the NUS and alcohol wholesalers, were high end – as opposed to significantly cheaper student favourites.

This meant that the profit made on each drink sold was only eight pence, making the deal financially unfeasible.

Last term the Tab received a credible tip-off that £1 drinks was being ended in October and reported it as such. Although Union officials have said the deal was postponed until an alternative could be found, our  source told us that the graphic designer- who makes the promotional posters- was unavailable to complete them in time, postponing the new deal until the Spring term.

Talking to the Tab, UCL’s Mexican Society said: “we actually embrace and support the celebration of Mexican culture and that people appreciate what our country has to offer. By checking the menu, the only comments regarding this marketing is that Desperados has always been a French drink, and that Tequila Sunrise is a cocktail invented in Arizona in the 40s -which can easily be fact-checked on the internet…on this line, it’s not a real ‘Mexican Selection’ but a ‘Mexican themed selection.'”

Activities and Events Officer, Nick Edmonds said: “UCLU has been running the ‘big ones’ offer for a number of years now, while the cost of doing so has been increasing. As was reported last term, the offer became financially unsustainable, but as we are committed to keeping our drinks as well priced as possible we continued the offer until a suitable alternative could be found.

“We now have our new offer – Mexican Mondays – which has a selection of drinks available at the still rock-bottom price of £1.50. Whilst it is a shame that the £1 offer had to end, it is an unfortunate fact that the cost of buying in the drinks has forced our hand on this one.”