The NUS are getting rid of £1 drinks on Mondays

The deal has become ‘unfeasible’

UCLU Bars are ending £1 Mondays as of October 31st, UCL Food & Beverages Manager Martin McCollam has revealed.

Speaking to Pi, McCollam said the deal is being axed due to an NUS disagreement regarding the subsidisation of alcohol in university bars.

A source within UCLU confirmed to The Tab that the deal was coming to an end and that Monday 31st October was to be £1 Monday’s final night.

UCLU bars are currently in the process of making a new Monday drinks deal.

The NUS organises a deal with alcohol wholesalers, the Licensed Trade Plus programme, to ensure low prices in student union bars across the country.

Another pitcher-based tragedy

Another pitcher-based tragedy

However, as the agreement only allows high end products to be included in the deal, cheaper student favourites are excluded, and this is what has made the £1 drinks offer financially unsustainable.

Speaking to Pi, McCollam said: “The current purchasing deals that we receive from our supplier through the Licenced Trade Plus programme have changed significantly compared to previous years and has resulted in a higher cost price for their promoted products. This has been an ongoing issue, since the ‘Big Ones’ deal was introduced in October 2010, as suppliers increase their prices slightly each year.”

Mr. McCollam has yet to respond to any of our requests for comment.