Jump out of the fire, and into the Quad…

UCL’s RAG Society are looking for brave UCL-er’s to Bungee Jump 150ft into the Quad.

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RAG Society is on a roll. Following their fire walking event last term and hot on the heels of UCL’s most successful Jailbreak, UCL’s charitable men and women are looking for brave UCL-er’s to Bungee Jump 150ft into the Quad.

For the first time in UCL’s illustrious history, students will get the opportunity to climb to the top of a crane that will be just over 150ft high.

They’ll stand; say a few prayers, and jump, plunging towards the Portico below.

Jeremy Bentham didn’t manage this. Gandhi didn’t get round to arranging it. Even Coldplay haven’t bungee jumped above UCL’s quad. Even Coldplay.

So what to do if you’re interested? The jump itself will cost you £50, and you’ll need to raise money on top of that for Great Ormond Street Hospital and St Mungo’s. If you think you can manage it, then:

1) Buy your ticket now before they sell out. Go to the link: www.uclbungeejump.co.uk
2) Contact Maggie at [email protected] or call her on 07554889110, to reserve your time slot for the day.
3) Set up your sponsorship page at: https://www.raise2give.com/rag-bungee-jump/

If you raise £150, RAG will give you a free photo of your experience as well as a video. If your parents are particularly generous, you get all those perks and your £50 fee back if you raise £500 for charity.

If you are getting involved, and The Buzz really hopes that you are, then email us at [email protected]; you might get a cheeky interview out of it…