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Jeremy Bentham vs RAG: Weekend Premier League Predictions

This term, dead “spiritual founder” of UCL, Jeremy Bentham, with the help of The Tab’s football experts, is pitting his wits against the best UCL has to offer in predicting the weekend’s football scores.

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Students Take the Plunge for Funds

Today is the day. After weeks of planning, of fundraising, of cutting through red tape, UCL RAG Society have finally achieved their wish.

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UCL Buzz catches up with the event’s organiser, Maggie Cheung.

Jump out of the fire, and into the Quad…

UCL’s RAG Society are looking for brave UCL-er’s to Bungee Jump 150ft into the Quad.

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The Buzz meets Team VAJ and hears about their plans for Jailbreak and everything they encounter along the way.