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Tom Houghton


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The Dobermen of UCL

The Tab meets Dobermann Collective, the exciting and original electronic music project run by UCL students Markus Findlay and Dom Hamdy, along with Bristol University student Chris Yeoward.

UCL men’s rugby in smash and grab late Varsity Victory

Victory for the men’s rugby side last night sealed a successful Varsity series, winning the match 16-9 at Allianz Park.

UCL Sabb’s Tube Assaulter Brought to Justice

Following a sexual assault on Activities and Events Officer Doris Chen, a man has been found guilty and given a suspended 12 week prison sentence and a place on the sexual offenders register.

The Tab meets the Election Candidates: Matt Deaves

As part of The Tab’s election coverage, we meet be-jumpered 4th year Icelandic Studies student Matt Deaves, who is encouraging UCL to ‘Believe in Deaves’ and vote for him to be Welfare & International Officer.

The Tab meets the Election Candidates: Eleanor Trezise

As part of The Tab’s election coverage, we meet 4th year Natural Sciences student Eleanor Trezise, who is running for Activities and Events Officer.

The Tab meets the Election Candidates: Hannah Sketchley

As part of The Tab’s election coverage, we meet 4th year German and History student Hannah Sketchley, who is this year running unopposed for Democracy and Communications Officer.

Memoirs of a very tall man

Tom Houghton discusses the true essence of what it is to be very tall: a bit rubbish, really

Who ate all the pies? We ate all the pies.

Surburb residing Londoners among the country’s fattest.

Students Spaced Out!

UCL students in groundbreaking ‘fluke’ Supernova discovery

Jeremy Bentham vs RAG: Weekend Premier League Predictions

This term, dead “spiritual founder” of UCL, Jeremy Bentham, with the help of The Tab’s football experts, is pitting his wits against the best UCL has to offer in predicting the weekend’s football scores.

D’oh-a! LGBT Staff left in the dark over UCL Qatari Campus

UCL’S LGBT staff weren’t consulted over new campus in controversy-ridden country

Jeremy Bentham vs RUMs Football: FA Cup Predictions

This term, dead “spiritual founder” of UCL, Jeremy Bentham, with the help of The Tab’s football experts, is pitting his wits against the best UCL has to offer in predicting the weekend’s football scores.

UCL Students All Weird Night-Owls According To Study Website

Students in London work harder than a pack of beavers on a hot day building a dam in the middle of the Amazon

Second to un: London Named Best Student City Behind Paris

London’s done good in one of them table fings again.

SSEES Officer In “Brownie points” Strike Apology

SSEES Officer claims lecturer ‘brownie points’ to be won and lost in Thursday’s strike before eating his words, apologising for the half-baked remarks.

UCLU finally bans Blurred Lines

For those old enough to remember Robin Thicke’s summer hit Blurred Lines… still reading? Great! Well, the controversial tune has at last been shown the door by UCLU.

English Unis Awash With Londoners

College and school leavers from London are now the most likely in the country to attend university. And they’re spreading like the proverbial plague.

The (other) Truth about the Year Abroad

Tom Houghton attempts to explain how getting free money to go abroad for a year is still a really good idea.

$o Long, Malc!

UCL foots £18,000 bill racked up by outgoing Provost’s leaving do.

Eras-must: Get It Before Its Gone

Tom Houghton wants you to get out of London.

Rugby Men’s Firsts Fall at the Final Hurdle

The Buzz takes a glance at a largely successful season for our Men’s Firsts which unfortunately ended in disappointment.

"They hate us as much as we hate them."

Let’s just admit it: Rivalries are good.

Buzz Editors Go Head to Head: The Olympic Training Challenge

As the Olympics draw closer, The Buzz embraces the spirit of the greatest competition on earth with open arms.

Football Manager: Undermining Education Since 1982.

The Buzz takes a look at some classic examples of those who have fallen foul of SEGA’s greatest creation.

Everybody Loves Taekwondo Fighting

The Buzz braves a UCLU Taekwondo society practice to find out about poomsae, chopping kicks and their resident crazy Brazilian.

Ski and Snowboard Team Triumph at the National Indoor Championships

Although in its infant years, the UCL Ski and Snowboard Team are going from strength to strength.

UCL Firsts Suffer Varsity Hangover

A depleted UCL squad failed to overcome a RUMS Firsts to suffer only their second defeat of the season.

Lucky Imperial Reach BUCS Final

UCL Hockey Women’s Firsts did battle with Imperial Firsts on Wednesday for a place in the BUCS final.

Imperial Medics Rise from the Dead

UCL Mixed 2nds looked for consecutive victories over Imperial Medics in this closely fought battle at ULU.

Varsity 2012: King’s Women Speechless as UCL Run Riot

The Women kicked off a fantastic day for UCL as they beat King’s with a convincing score line of 28-5.

Varsity: Meet the Team

Whether you like or lump rugby, the small matter of the Varsity match is tomorrow and pride for all is at stake to keep the Strand Poly in its place. The Buzz meets the squad who will carry all of your hopes and aspirations, for the next 24 hours or so, upon their muscular shoulders…

UCL 1sts Defeat Brave Holloway

UCL 1sts delivered a comprehensive victory over a defiant Holloway side on Sunday, with a massive score line of 46-12.

Marshall and Ismail Plot Conquer of Kings

With less than a week to go until Varsity, The Buzz met up with first teamers Ollie Marshall and Haris Ismail in Gordon Square to discuss the big game.

Leading the Cheer. Second year Charlotte Cleaver talks to The Buzz

The Buzz gets an insight from second year cheerleader Charlotte Cleaver into UCL’s newest sporting society all set to perform at the Varsity match on March 3rd.


With the emphasis on rowing and boat sports growing and growing, The Buzz finds out how UCLU’s rower have already found success this season, and don’t look like stopping there.