Luke Sproule

Luke Sproule
London University


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Refreshers Diary Entry One: Fresher’s Fiesta

Take a trip down Memory Lane as Luke re-lives the Fresher FIesta experience….

TEDx-perience hits UCL

UCL’s first TEDx event arrived on campus on Sunday. The Buzz interviews speakers and hears their "ideas worth sharing"

Un-gagged- Porn filter no more

Students rejoice as porn filter lifted from intercollegiate halls

Cross Channel Carnage

Drunken Manchester students are in hot water after fighting broke out on a Calais ferry.

(Please)Hate Me: I’m Irish

Samantha Brick is hated for being attractive. For some people it’s nationality that’s a problem.

Cokeheads on Campus?

Is hard drug use rising among students?

Tinker, Tailor, Student, Spy?

UCL in link up with GCHQ.

APRIL FOOLS-Falk off Argentina

UCL to open Falkland Islands Campus

UCL- The Haves and the Have-Yachts

UCL state school admissions fall for 2010/11 cycle.

Hooker Scandal Taints DSK Invite

Dominque Strauss-Kahn’s visit to UCL in doubt after charges brought over prostitution ring.

Cometh the Man- DSK to visit UCL

Former IMF head Domique-Strauss Kahn to visit UCL.

Booked In ‘Til May

Students celebrate 24 hour library openings- but there are a few strange goings on.

Student Loans- Your Details Leaked?

Student Finance England leak the private data of 8,000 students.

UCLUseless Say Societies

Frustation has grown among society presidents at perceived difficulties in dealing with UCLU.

UCLead The Way- King’s Stranded

UCL sit 21st in the world based on reputation- but what of our neighbours?

Nazi Abuse Mars Campaign

A Jewish student has his election campaign posters vandalised with Nazi imagery.

UCL Go Down Fighting

UCL bravely go down in the semi-finals.

Water Thing to Do

Former halls residents have been sneaking back into their residences for showers- The Buzz investigates.

Election Results- Exclusive

The Buzz brings you exclusive election results

The Candidates- Take Two

The Buzz interviews two more election candidates.

The Buzz Election Candidate Videos

The Buzz Interviews some of the union election candidates.

SSEES Students Out in the Cold

SSEES Year Abroad Students Still Unsure of Destinations

Without a Leg to Strand On

Kings makes the top 10 in Britain for exam cheats.

Corruption in Tory Soc?

The Buzz reports exclusively on disquiet in the Tory society.

Buzz Before Voting!

The Buzz gives you the inside track on the UCLU Spring Elections

Jailbreak- The Results!

Time is up in Jailbreak, but who made it furthest from UCL?

UCLU a Cold House for Celts

UCLU has incurred the wrath of students over a refusal to accept Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes.

South Cloisters- Sex on Tap

UCL’s South Cloisters are revealed as a hook up area for gay men.

Red Alert- It’s Jailbreak!

With Jailbreak just days away, The Buzz gives you lowdown on what to expect from this year’s competition.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide- Meet Team VAJ

The Buzz meets Team VAJ and hears about their plans for Jailbreak and everything they encounter along the way.

No Choice- Religious Societies Defy Referendum

Catholics, Sikhs and Jews are set to defy the recent pro-choice motion passed by students.

You Win Some ULUse Some

Recent ULU elections show depressingly low turnout