Jennifer Simpkins

Jennifer Simpkins


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The weirdest things you Googled to get to the Tab London

You Googled, you found us, we laughed at your secret searching shame

Forget prinking, it’s all about Trinking

Sofia Fredrikson runs through the rules of the dating app drinking game

The Fashion London Punderground

WARNING: Fashion-related puns ahead, and one spurious and disturbing use of a hashtag

Stand and Deliver: UCL Grad Charged With “Highway Offences”

Four students, including a recent UCL graduate, have been charged following last year’s dramatic protests

In Defence of “Western Sexual Morals”

Will Roberts breaks down the idea of Western sexual morals – what does the phrase really mean to us?

So Long, London Student: UoL will no longer fund student newspaper

University of London are set to pull the plug on funding for London Student

The Icing On The Cake

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth after lectures, here are four of the best local cupcake cafés!

COMPETITION: Free tickets to DGTL Festival 2014

Two free tickets to the incredible DGTL festival are up for grabs

Election Special: Meet The (Other) Candidates

The who’s who and what’s what of the elections this year

Guys shouldn’t have to pay for girls on dates

Why has this distinctly outmoded and unequal dating custom continued into the 21st century?

The Secret Garden(s)

Sofia Fredrikson reveals London’s little-known beauty spots

Tab Tries: Evangelical church

Will Roberts went to the Evangelical church on Tottenham Court Road – it was an experience he won’t soon be repeating…

UCL Valentine’s Day Cards

Forgot to buy a Valentine’s Day card for your UCLover? Problem solved.

Why Feminism Needs To Be Angry

Will Roberts argues that “feminism wouldn’t be doing its job properly if it didn’t irritate a large number of people”.

Lie January: Why I told everyone I was doing Dry January when I really wasn’t

Jennifer Simpkins explains why she decided to lie, instead of go dry, this January

Chinese New Year for dummies

Sofia Fredrikson gives us some tips for a firecrackin’ Chinese New Year celebration

Five Westfield bites under £5

Just to make things clear, we’re not talking about some supermarket meal-deal! Why not make your lunch break a little more exciting?

UCL’s Best Desk Graffiti

Long library stays got you down? UCL alumni offer words (and dicks) of encouragement

Tab Tries: Winter Wonderland

We check out the yuletide’s biggest London attraction

Worst Songs To Have Sex To (or how to cockblock your flatmate)

Got a friend whose loud lovemaking is ruining your life? Problem solved.

Review: The Xbox One at GAME Camden’s lock-in

Is the Xbox One worth your hard-earned student loan? Jennifer Simpkins puts the console to the test ahead of release.

UCL Pre-Christmas Grumblr

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it’s only bloody November.

UCL’s Funniest Pumpkins 2013

5 Essential Apps for the UCL Student

If you’re appy and you know it, clap your hands!

Unbelievable Jeff! 3 Crazy UCL FIFA Forfeits

These days, no FIFA defeat shall be left unpunished…

UCL Health Centre (Sort Of) Saved!

The battle between UCL and UCLU over the Health Centre rages on.

What a Luna-tic: Journalist Moon Charged With Assaulting Ex-UCL UKIP Youth Leader

Young Independents ball in London eclipsed by Moon assault

RAG Society’s Charity Bungee Jump – One Man’s Tall Tale

“The most awesome half-a-second of, well… the last few years!” The Tab gets the post-bungee verdict.

I’m No Mo Farah…

Alexandra Simpson shares the ups, the downs and the downright dirty side of training for a half marathon.

Pimp My Campus: The 4 best potential party venues on campus

Jeremy tries his hand at being the gangsta version of Kevin McCloud.

Supersize Meme

How dangerous can memes get once they “blow up” online?

How to cut the cost of Valentine’s Day (and not get dumped)

All you need is love… and some last-minute ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Fit Faculty: Statuesque Beauty

Are you into the silent type? This week’s Fit Faculty is for you.

The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Laid

How to seem interesting when you’re really not.

Utilitarian College London?

Have we been taking Jeremy Bentham’s philosophical advice? The Tab finds out.

Sports Night Showdown: What Happened Next…

Missed Sports Night at The Loop, or simply can’t remember anything? The Tab is here to help.

Fit Faculty

FitFac is back.

Sports Night Showdown: The Roxy vs The Loop

Sports Night Showdown: The Roxy vs Loop. Will the classic Roxy experience be lost to Loop Bar?