Watch These Student Stuff Their Faces in The Name Of Charity

The Tab headed down to RAG’s Endurance Eating Competition

Charity Event eating competition food eating contest rag

Gluttony, for want of a better word, is good. At least that was the general vibe at UCL Rag’s Christmas themed endurance eating competition this year.

Sixteen or so students sat down to munch their way through a whole host of messy foods, including bananas (with no hands), donuts (from a string) and a whole cake (just cuz)

The eventual winner was a determined chap called Ambrose Liu, who put his success down to watching YouTube videos and ‘the power of the mind.’ Mental. Watch them gorge themselves below:


1. Banana Drama


2. Beanz Meanz Fun


3. Do-nut try and eat that!

And the winner! 

Ambrose the champ!

The whole team


Watch this space for RAG’s upcoming ‘Take Me Out’ event