Joe Mason

Joe Mason
London University


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“There Was Pigs’ Blood Everywhere”

2nd and 3rd years reveal their most outrageous Freshers’ experiences…

The Tab does Refreshers Week 2012

It’s here, it’s now. Get ready. Tab Refreshers 2012 is upon us.

What Not To Take To UCL… A Fresher’s Guide

A Tab t shirt is all you need, but here are some of the things you don’t…

Traveller’s Block: Aconcagua, Chile

Fancy a challenge this summer? Kilimanjaro is so 2010. Try Aconcagua, Chile. It’s the highest mountain in the America’s.

Five Reasons to Never go Home.

Staying at UCL over Easter is an easier, more fun and significantly more productive way of spending your holiday. The Buzz charts the top five reasons why.

Society Showcase: Film Society

Check out the new music video from the UCL Film Society

Fit Faculty

The Buzz launches its Fit Faculty Feature.

How to get Expelled from UCL

When it all gets too much, don’t mosey on down to the Welfare centre and get some free cake, just get yourself expelled.

Students Take the Plunge for Funds

Today is the day. After weeks of planning, of fundraising, of cutting through red tape, UCL RAG Society have finally achieved their wish.

The Great Taboo

This week something huge is happening at UCL. It’s so groundbreaking, so revolutionary, so world-shattering that absolutely nobody can talk about it.

RAG Bungee Jump: What you need to know.

UCL Buzz catches up with the event’s organiser, Maggie Cheung.

Five UCL Alumni you wish you’d heard of…

In the first of four features, Joe Mason looks at the alumni that have slipped through the net.

Jump out of the fire, and into the Quad…

UCL’s RAG Society are looking for brave UCL-er’s to Bungee Jump 150ft into the Quad.

1984 Gets a Makeover

There are three reasons why students should go and see UCLU Drama Society’s 1984. And not all of them involve nudity and Michael Chessum.