Liverpool Guild’s VP on how Liverpool students can be more environmentally friendly

From big to small, we can all help to make a difference

Throughout the climate crisis that we’re currently experiencing, with celebrities taking fifteen minute journeys in their private jets to go to the shops or the ever growing prominence of fast fashion sites, it can feel as though there’s nothing we can do that will actually make any difference to combat the problem.

Although the average student may not have the resources to combat the millions of tons of carbon dioxide being generated by certain organisations, there are a number of small to relatively big things that we as students can do to try and tackle the climate crisis.

To find out some ways that we as Liverpool students can do more about this issue both on campus and at home, we interviewed the Guild Vice President Ella Hatch, who centred one of their manifesto claims around sustainability and ethical investment.

When asked about things that students can do to ensure that they helping to tackle this crisis, they said: “the best thing that students can do is to get involved in activism, whether that’s with groups locally, nationally or at the university”.

They continued further saying: “choosing to avoid fast fashion, reducing meat and dairy consumption, and choosing public transport and active travel where possible are also great”.

Finally they added “It’s important to remember that this is a systematic problem. What you can do personally is be beneficial, but big change comes from putting pressure on the government and other large institutions”.

Although it may seem daunting, even the smaller changes are a great way to start working towards being more environmentally sustainable, there are also a number of local Liverpool environmental organisations that you can join too. The UoL Guild has its own Green Society and if you’re at LJMU there is the Conservation Society.

Also across Liverpool there is Liverpool Friends of the Earth which is a movement aiming to create a safer climate, the movement acts to lobby decision-makers and organise demonstrations.

A more detailed list of movements, organisations and charities can be found here