Liverpool University has been ranked in the top 25 universities in the UK

The Worldwide uni rankings have just been released

In a new league table for 2023 published by Times Higher Education, Liverpool University has ranked at number 23 in the UK and 176th worldwide – a slight improvement from 178th in last year’s rankings.

The league table ranks 1,799 universities worldwide across 104 countries and regions, measuring each university on four different areas these are: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. Times Higher Education claims the league table is the “largest and most diverse university ranking to date”.

The World University Ranking also found that UoL had a 55:45 ratio of female to male students, just over 26,000 full-time students and 14.2 students per staff member on average.

Does this mean UoL is going to become the new home of Oxbridge rejects?

You can read the full list of rankings here