Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: The FINAL

It’s the battle of the third years

After three tough heats of potential BNOCs, your votes have been counted and now we present your finalists. Only one can take the coveted crown away from uni (more exciting than getting a first tbh), so make sure you choose wisely from…

Charlie Wootton

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Charlie, your heat one winner, was described as to be found at "Smithdown parties with three bottles of red, about campus in the Life Sciences building, or doing muscle ups topless in Sefton Park." When we asked this third year Biologist about his success, he wrote "thanks to the boys of 52 Huskisson for putting me up to this, and to my dedicated supporters who have got me here."

Fliss Mayo

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Our heat two champion Fliss is "known and loved by all, as the captain of LUWFC, a DJ, and "total queen." The third year Physicist told us she'd "like to thank my friends, my family, and most importantly Dennis Bergkamp's pirouette goal vs Newcastle in 2002. When I told my mum about this, she said if you don't win the whole thing then don't bother coming home. So please, help a gal out."

Harvey Jack

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Topping the votes in the final heat, Harvey "will always be stopped by his endless fans, whether it's at a Brookie Thursday or a quick trip to Smithdown Asda." This Psychology third year commented that "I appreciate all the love and support, want everyone to know how grateful I am to have met such amazing people and remember…win or lose, we're always on the booze."

Now you've read about your fab finalists, make sure you cast your vote below and wait to hear who will be your Liverpool BNOC of 2019.