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If the Love Island 2019 cast were Liverpool clubs, these are the ones they’d be

Lucie would defo have been at Baltic Weekender

Fliss Mayo is your Liverpool BNOC of 2019!

It’s been quite a journey, but we’ve made it

Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: The FINAL

It’s the battle of the third years

Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: Heat Three

It’s your last chance, don’t miss it

Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: Heat Two

Speak now or forever hold your breath

Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: Heat One

Which of these familiar faces gets your vote?

‘I thought he was going to kill me’: Liverpool student recalls being taken hostage in Australia

TW: Rape, assault

Liverpool student campaigning to raise money for friend who suffered a serious head injury

David Kloos is currently in an induced coma in Budapest

Dreams do come true: A new McDonald’s is set to open on Smithdown

No more hungover treks to town

Stop pretending it’s the workload, you’ve stopped going out in third year because you’re boring

You’re as bad as people who quit clubbing because they’re in a relationship

All the things you should stop saying to someone with a dissertation

Apologies for having a life outside the SJ

Liverpool Guild of Students are holding a referendum on adopting a pro-choice stance

This coincides with the Guild presidential elections

What your Liverpool pre-drinks bar says about you

Don’t talk to anyone who chooses Slater’s over Faculty

Here are all the end of exam Liverpool events to motivate you through the remainder of revision

Don’t make the rookie mistake of not having your night sorted

Revealed: We spoke to the students given ‘academic sanctions’ by Liverpool Uni for not making their rent

One student was given sanctions on three separate occasions

19 things we really hope to learn in Liverpool during 2019

Time to get that work and fun balance on point

Liverpool’s Echo Arena has a new name, and it’s the worst thing you’ll hear in 2019

This is not just any arena…

It’s the most wonderful Clubbers of the Week of the year

The final shindig of 2018 is here

Clubbers of the Week: Don’t blame it on good times, blame it on the deadlines

I just can’t control my workload

This is our definitive ranking of the Cool It Liverpool nights

Shocker: Quids In isn’t number one

These are some of the best posts from the Smithdown Ticket Exchange

From graveyard parties to sexual favours

Clubbers of the (Reading) Week: work hard, play hard

Keep partying like it’s your job

If the Friends characters were at the University of Liverpool, this is what they’d be like

Nobody wants to be the Ross of the group

Don’t panic, but there’s THREE Abba nights coming up in Liverpool

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A man after Heebies

One kiss is all it takes, fallin’ in love with Clubbers of the Week

Possibilities, I look like all you need

Clubbers of the Week, do you love me? Are you riding?

Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me

Every Liverpool new academic year resolution you’ve probably already broken

It’s never too early in the semester to be skipping 9ams

Clubbers of the Week: back to life, back to reality

The reality being that you all can’t give up the sesh

The Raz, Kenny and Carni: How to speak fluent ‘Liverpool’

You’ll be mentioning fat frogs and quad vods daily

Clubbers of the Week: Raving with the freshers

I’ve been to Juicy but I’ve never been to Heebies

Freshers’ Week in first year versus third year: the key differences

You can guess who’s going to the naff Icebreaker event

Here are all the things you can do during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool that aren’t clubbing

Brunch is the best tequila recovery method

A pro-life charity have been rejected from having a stall at Liverpool’s Freshers’ Fair

Liverpool is one of three UK SUs to ban the charity from their Freshers’ Fair

There’s a ‘Learn to Dance like Theresa May Day’ coming up in Liverpool

Just in case you needed some moves for Heebies

These are all the most unlikely friends you’ll make during your time in Liverpool

They’re gonna be nothing like your mates from home, trust us

A cereal and board game cafe is set to open on Smithdown Road

Yet another reason not to bother with Kenny

What would your Liverpool halls be if they were a Wetherspoons pitcher?

What they forgot to tell you on the open day, clearly

Love Island winners Jack and Dani are both visiting Liverpool in September

This season has ended, but Jani is only just beginning

Love Island’s Adam Collard is appearing in Level THIS SATURDAY

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t attracted to him

All the things that will definitely happen when you get back to Liverpool in September

Who really wants a photo with Adam Collard?

Clubbers of the Week: Uni’s out for the summer

Uni’s out forever (for some of you anyway)

How to get a girl to fall in love with you in Liverpool

It takes more than just getting her a quadvod

Here are all of the most underrated clubs and bars in Liverpool

La’go hard or La’go home

Clubbers of the Week like to sleep all day and party all night

Obviously taking revision very seriously

All the ways to procrastinate on campus this exam season

Apart from just scrolling through Facebook obvs

A new gin garden is being opened in Liverpool this month

Sunshine and gin? Count me in

‘Dear Housemate’: Your Liverpool confessions revealed

These are juicier than Tuesday nights at The Shipping Forecast

So baby if you want me, you’ve got to show me Clubbers of the Week

Words aren’t so easy to say

We want you to submit your ‘Dear Housemate’ anonymous confessions

It’s time to get those secrets off your chest

Forget those deadlines, because the actual Sean Kingston is coming to Level

Somebody call 911

All I ever wanted was to see Clubbers of the Week

All I ever wanted was to make you mine

The University of Liverpool has risen five places in the Complete University Guide rankings

John Moores went up a whopping 16 places

Which Liverpool takeaway are you, according to where you live at uni

Not everyone can be Krunchy Fried Chicken

Nothing ever feels good when I’m not with Clubbers of the Week

I’m not in control of what I do

Everything that will certainly happen on a spontaneous night out in Liverpool

“Look hun, the Baa Bar queue is too long”

All the stereotypes you’ll encounter at a Smithdown house party

You’ll regret adding half these people to the event

Clubbers of the Week is back, back again

Liverpool’s clubbers are back, tell a friend

Strike action at the University of Liverpool is set to continue if new proposal is rejected

This is set to take place at the end of April

All the things Liverpool students do without realising it’s weird

Mondays are for fat frogs

How to relive your Crown Place days even though you’re living in Smithdown

Those were the best days of our lives

Famous Liverpool club Bumper set to reopen as a new venue

Will it beat the former Tuesday night fix?

An ode to the Liverpool clubs we visited in freshers but never set foot in again

Not technically gone and definitely not forgotten

Ooh heaven is a place in Clubbers of the Week

They say in Level, love comes first

Every mistake you’ll make as a second year in Liverpool

Halfway through the degree and still not a clue

I was busy dreaming ’bout Clubbers of the Week

Head is spinning thinking ’bout Clubbers of the Week

Your favourite Liverpool nights-out, ranked by their Facebook reviews

5/5 for tempting me into too many Jagerbombs

Everything you should NOT do on St Paddy’s Day in Liverpool

You’ve got to get the biggest sesh of the year right

If you don’t own these items, are you even a Liverpool student?

Bet you’re reading this on your swanky new MacBook

When I’m with Clubbers of the Week all I get is wild thoughts

Wild wild wild, wild wild wild thoughts

A list of things Liverpool students can do in their time off during strikes

Apart from just having a massive lie-in

All the things you shouldn’t do as a Liverpool student

Imagine preferring Level to Heebies?

You can now get a direct Eurostar to Amsterdam from £35

Plan your end of academic year squad trips now

Liverpool has been voted the seventh hardest partying university in the UK

Work hard, sesh harder

Every group chat you’ll find at University of Liverpool

Don’t pretend that you haven’t muted this convo

All the people who’ll piss you off in lectures

May as well just catch up on Vital

Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s Clubbers of the Week

Partying to celebrate/forget Valentine’s Day

People in Liverpool are the most likely to get laid this Valentine’s Day

Maybe it’s actually worth going Level Wednesdays

Times aren’t so bleak with Clubbers of the Week

February blues are a thing, right?

I bet that Clubbers of the Week look good on the dancefloor

I don’t know if they’re looking for romance or?

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Liverpool released

First Arriva, now this?

Did someone say end of exams Clubbers of the Week?

Passing through club doors better than we pass modules

Everything that happens on a night out in McCooleys

Even though you vowed you’d only go on Paddy’s Day

Every clubbing phase the girls of UoL will go through during three years of uni

From being glam to having the social life of your gran

What your Liverpool campus lunch really says about you

We’re rating the food you’re bringing to the SJ

Everything you’ll look forward to coming back to Liverpool after the Christmas break

The Home Counties just weren’t cutting it

If your Uni of Liverpool halls were an I’m a Celebrity campmate

Sorry, nobody gets to be Ant and Dec

Which classic Christmas song is your Liverpool uni halls?

We know which halls are naughty and nice

Toff is coming to Level next month

The Queen of the Jungle’s royal tour reaches Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most-matched cities on dating apps in the UK

The Scousers are getting all the superlikes

Everything we miss about first year nights out

Let me stay in Nabzy’s without worrying about the 86

Why is the Concert Square Wetherspoons grossly underappreciated?

It’s a national treasure, guys

A cat cafe is coming to Liverpool next year

The purrfect way to de-stress

Why ticketed events are better than a night in Concert Square

So long to Soho and bye to Black Rabbit

Go clubbers of the week it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday

We’re gonna drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday

We know the type of person you are based on the colour of your Raz cap

£3 on the door means we know you so much more

Every shot you’ll definitely find on a Liverpool student’s Instagram

Sorry for the spam, but I’m at #university in #Liverpool now

No walks of shame or desperately pulling in Level: Why LDRs are the best at uni

My hometown bae > your one night stand

Everything bound to happen to you in Heebies

Fall down the stairs? Check. Mirror pic in the girl’s loos? Check.