Jade Brydges
Jade Brydges
Features Editor

Procrastinating my way through second year English Literature

Here are all of the most underrated clubs and bars in Liverpool

La’go hard or La’go home

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Obviously taking revision very seriously

All the ways to procrastinate on campus this exam season

Apart from just scrolling through Facebook obvs

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Sunshine and gin? Count me in

‘Dear Housemate’: Your Liverpool confessions revealed

These are juicier than Tuesday nights at The Shipping Forecast

So baby if you want me, you’ve got to show me Clubbers of the Week

Words aren’t so easy to say

We want you to submit your ‘Dear Housemate’ anonymous confessions

It’s time to get those secrets off your chest

Forget those deadlines, because the actual Sean Kingston is coming to Level

Somebody call 911

All I ever wanted was to see Clubbers of the Week

All I ever wanted was to make you mine

The University of Liverpool has risen five places in the Complete University Guide rankings

John Moores went up a whopping 16 places

Which Liverpool takeaway are you, according to where you live at uni

Not everyone can be Krunchy Fried Chicken

Nothing ever feels good when I’m not with Clubbers of the Week

I’m not in control of what I do

Everything that will certainly happen on a spontaneous night out in Liverpool

“Look hun, the Baa Bar queue is too long”

All the stereotypes you’ll encounter at a Smithdown house party

You’ll regret adding half these people to the event

Clubbers of the Week is back, back again

Liverpool’s clubbers are back, tell a friend

Strike action at the University of Liverpool is set to continue if new proposal is rejected

This is set to take place at the end of April

All the things Liverpool students do without realising it’s weird

Mondays are for fat frogs

How to relive your Crown Place days even though you’re living in Smithdown

Those were the best days of our lives

Famous Liverpool club Bumper set to reopen as a new venue

Will it beat the former Tuesday night fix?

An ode to the Liverpool clubs we visited in freshers but never set foot in again

Not technically gone and definitely not forgotten

Ooh heaven is a place in Clubbers of the Week

They say in Level, love comes first