Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: Heat Two

Speak now or forever hold your breath

Recently, we asked you guys to nominated your Liverpool BNOC for 2019, and boy, you did not disappoint. From the ones at every Smithdown rave, to those who's giving everyone in the SJ a wave, here's your second lot to choose from.

Finn Tollemache

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Third year Biochemist Finn goes by the name "Phil Machentoche", his alter ego. He even saved a sheep from entering Harold Cohen, who he now visits once a week (aptly named Finnerz), and he is rumoured to be a descendant of the royal family. Not all heroes wear capes – in Finn's case it's his red North Face coat.

Fliss Mayo

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Holding the most nominations with her three separate submissions, one wrote of this second year Physics student that "I miss Fliss, Fliss is bliss, if you diss Fliss I will piss on you and hiss." Since she is known and loved by all, as the captain of LUWFC, a DJ and "total queen," we couldn't give her a miss for a BNOC candidate.

Jack Naisbitt

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Jack, who studies History and Politics in first year, "can't even walk to Greenbank Reception from T Block without bumping into someone he knows or has shagged." He is known by some as the "mystery man," but definitely not a "fuckboy," even if he could chat anyone up, from a granny to Emily Ratajkowski. He's the man, the myth, the legend (and the only one who can pull off white jeans).

Tom Simpson

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Tom, a second year Architecture student, is a big name at The Raz, regularly featuring on their Instagram stories, and was even invited to a wedding there once. You can guarantee he mingles with nearly everyone from both sides of the water, and might even give them one of the 30 Maccies breakfast wraps he buys after nights-out. Legend.

Now you know your second batch of BNOCs, make sure you crown your winner in the vote, and watch out for our final heat soon.