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Vote now for Liverpool’s BNOC of 2019: Heat One

Which of these familiar faces gets your vote?


Recently, we asked you guys to nominated your Liverpool BNOC for 2019, and boy, you did disappoint. From the ones at every Smithdown rave, to those who's giving everyone in the SJ a wave, here's your first lot to vote from.

Bethany Blackford-Jones

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You might remember Bethany, a second year Psychology student, from the Guild presidential campaign, where her focus was on "mental health matters." She also got people to vote with the hashtag #BJforBJ and even accidentally called her lead lecturer "daddy" whilst drunk in front of the entire department. Oh my.

Charlie Wootton

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Charlie, a third year studying Biology, can be either found at Smithdown parties with three bottles of red, about campus in the Life Sciences building or doing muscle ups topless in Sefton Park. An iconic trio there.

Nathan Matthews

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Sources tell us Nathan, a third year student, is the big name in Geography. Our very own News Editor is on first-name basis with half the course and is constantly bumping into people he knows outside lecture theatres. He can be found exclusively in the Baltic Triangle or Sydney Jones, you can't spend 15 mins together without him bumping into someone he knows.

Tommy Lathrope

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This third year Oceanography student racked up an admirable two nominations, with one mentioning Tommy's passion for sailing, and that he has "many boats and many hoes." Is that enough to also secure him many votes?

So there we have it, our first round of potential BNOC winners. Make sure you have your say in the poll below, and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming heats…