Every shot you’ll definitely find on a Liverpool student’s Instagram

Sorry for the spam, but I’m at #university in #Liverpool now

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What better way is there to display how proud we are of our adopted homes than splash it all over social media? Liverpool is a hub of hipster (albeit often cliche) sights that we can’t help but make our friends at home jealous of.

The Victoria Building

How else can we make it apparent that we are in fact a Russell Group uni? Plus, half the buildings are uglier than how we look after a messy night out at Shit Indie Disco (we’re looking at you, Cypress Building), so we gotta milk this one for all it’s worth.

And the Metropolitan Cathedral

Who cares if it would look more fitting in Game of Thrones than in the middle of campus? No other place can boast a religious building that’s so endearingly quirky.


Albert Docks

You probably haven’t visited many of the restaurants here, since you’re more McDonald’s than Miller & Carter, but since it’s an instantly recognisable spot from the city, you can be assured that the likes keep on coming.



The Liverpool One Christmas tree in all its sparkly heart glory

#throwbackthursday #neverforget.



Maybe one of the parks if you actually live close enough

Unfortunately, most of the greenery seen near the on-campus accommodation is the little patch of grass next to the smoking area.

Even prettier, a Barley & Beans freakshake

Putting your cholesterol levels through the roof for the sweet sum of £6.50; this is most definitely an aesthetically pleasing find. “Yes mum, I promise I’m being healthy at uni.”


Some really poorly edited photo from Cool It Liverpool

It’s all fun and games gathering the squad for a photo until your scour for a snap with more filters on it than your Year 7 Picnik edited profile picture. Nevertheless, not documenting your crazy night at Juicy or Heebies would be a sin almost worth confessing at the cathedral.



Perhaps even with some C-List celebrity in it

Would you really set foot in Walkabout if Chuckle Brothers weren’t there? Would you really take any interest in the guys from Love Island if they weren’t in Level? Probably not, but we all need a spurious claim to fame.

An anecdote from your night in The Raz

Raz cap? Check. Fat frog? Check. Shoes that should never see the light of day again? Check (screw you sticky floors).


Some #edgy sign to add to your hipster theme

Ended up at Archie’s…then took about 25 photos of the different wall signs. Probably worth having a cheat day for the third time this week. ‘It’s a Liverpool thing’, ‘I am not the God of your fathers’, ‘Sleep is the baby mama of death’…feel a bit foolish for not taking philosophy tbh.


Something to acknowledge this little known band from the city

Mm yeah The Beatles, not really sure why there’s so much fuss surrounding them, it’s not like they’re basically without doubt one of the most defining bands in music.


And, obviously, you wouldn’t be at Liverpool University if you hadn’t taken the classic Waterfront shot…