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Our guide to the candidates standing for MP in Liverpool’s student areas

All there for you, in black and white

Liverpool Uni says it is ‘unlawful’ for students to join lecture strikes

The email encourages students to cross the picket line

I went on a night out to The Cavern Club and it was actually pretty lit

More than just a tourist trap!!

There’s going to be a ‘Monster Mash’ on the Mersey

The evening cruise will take place on the 31st October

The stressful, exciting and overall painful emotional stages leading up to your year abroad

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Monster muncher’s in the SJ, cutlery bandits and SO MUCH MORE!

Which Made in Chelsea cast member is your Liverpool halls?

No, nobody gets to be Binky

These are all the reasons we love to hate Level

Liverpool’s biggest and most basic nightclub

The different types of people you’ll meet on the 699

What is the big deal with sitting on the top floor?

These are some of the best posts from the Smithdown Ticket Exchange

From graveyard parties to sexual favours

Your experiences at University of Liverpool, as told by Louis Theroux

You gotta get Theroux the stress somehow

You can get FREE Greggs in Liverpool on Wednesday

It’s part of their Festive Bake First event

If the Friends characters were at the University of Liverpool, this is what they’d be like

Nobody wants to be the Ross of the group

The truth about living in Grand Central as a Liverpool fresher

They don’t call it Party Central for nothing

This is every type of student you’ll meet in your lectures

Prepare first years for all the different kinds of people you’ll stumble across in lectures

Abercomby Square to screen The Greatest Showman at open air cinema

South campus is going to ‘Come Alive’ in more ways than one this freshers week

We’ve composed a collection of some of the best art work from the Baltic Triangle

It’s why Liverpool is perfect for art students

We’ve composed a list of all the best places in Liverpool to watch the World Cup this summer

Don’t take me home…

Every way to say goodbye to your friends in Liverpool

Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend

A new gin garden is being opened in Liverpool this month

Sunshine and gin? Count me in