The Ten-Minute-Titivate: How to be ready for your 9am in 10

Mastering the art of rolling out of bed and into a lecture theatre whilst still looking fabulous is easy

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It’s common knowledge that no working human body can jump willingly out of bed ready to conquer Monday morning at 7am? Well fear no more, as it IS possible to wake up ten minutes before you have to be out that door, and yes, you can feel fabulous. Here’s a ten-step tutorial on looking fabulous for your 9am:

Step 1: Getting out of bed

Firstly, you need to literally get out of bed. I refuse to believe I am the only one who is actually awake, but lies like a lumpy slug until I can conjure up the strength to pull off the duvet and use every stomach muscle to take my upper body with me. Let’s face it, our ceiling doesn’t like being stared at as much as the next person. Set that alarm, set it four more times and use all the will power in the world to drag yourself up.

Step 2: Get that outfit sorted 12hrs earlier

So you’re out of bed, and you reluctantly  stare towards the wardrobe which you know is enough of a challenge without the rest of the day ahead, but then you remember that you laid your outfit out the night before! Bingo, already saved at least fifteen minutes. Sort out what you want to wear when you go to bed – two minutes effort at night saves you all the time in the world the next morning.

Step 3: Whip your hair

It’s been two minutes and you’ve already slumped out of bed and into a pair of pre-picked leggings and a hoodie with the name of a different university city on. Now hair, people say this is totally subjective to the individual, but no… they’re wrong.

As someone who has been through every hair length/style going, I declare myself living proof that no matter what hairstyle you sport, it can take the same amount of time as your friend who is of complete opposite taste. You have a fringe and that’s automatically ‘effort’ right? Wrong! Remember girls: messy hair is now a thing.

Lean over so you’re looking at your knees and with four flicks of the wrist and one flick of the head, you’re looking in the mirror at a perfectly placed high ponytail. If your hair is naturally thick, twisting the ponytail round the bobble end on your head should form a perfect, (as far as perfect goes in this instance,) messy bun.

If you’re a finer haired girl, don’t fret. Take one hand to the tip of your pony and hold the pony tail up, take the other hand and scrunch hair downwards so it forms a backcombed disarray on the top of your head. Finally, when the hair looks more voluminous, tie the hair around the bobble and grip it. Hair- check! 

Step 4: Get that Touche Éclat on, sister

Makeup time: that’s four main ingredients to a natural flawless look. Face cream, concealer, eye lash curlers and a bitta mascara, dare I say more? As long as you feel comfortable in your own skin nothing can harm you. Eyes are a main asset when one looks at another, so opening your eyes with a bit of mascara in the morning not only holds them open for the lecture but accentuates the most important pair on your body.



Step 5: It’s breakfast time

At this point you are there appearance wise, but leaving without breakfast is detrimental to lots of things and so many people, including myself, are guilty of cutting it out. This is unnecessary as eating breakfast does not have to be a time consuming challenge. Granola, Greek styled yoghurt, a couple of raspberries and a glass of cranberry juice = healthy, quick and delicious! If you’re pushed for time, mix them all together and you’ve got a tasty smoothie.


Steps 6 & 7 – Bathroom stuff 

OK so we are half way there, smoothie in bag for on the go, time to visit the bathroom. Teeth done and toilet trip completed; nobody wants to sit next to someone who shakes the bench of the lecture room because they forgot to pee in the morning. As far as brushing your teeth goes, it lasts two minutes – brushing is the most time consuming step of the overall process. If you want to really speed the process up, brush your teeth on the loo – grim, but time effective.

Step 8 – The Final Mirror Check

Final mirror check (because every girl does this, don’t lie). How do you look? At this point you are probably too impressed to give a damn at how you look –  it’s not even been ten minutes and you’re practically set to take on a catwalk… or lecture theatre aisle. But regardless, give yourself a pout and take a quick selfie to edit on the way.

Step 9 –  Musical Motivation

Grab keys, grab bag, grab coat and get outta there, but don’t forget to abolish your Monday-mourning with a bit of Beyoncé… (I woke up like this.)

Step 10 – Efficient and Effective Exercise

You assume the bus is quicker, right? Wrong! All that waiting around will send you back to sleep and waste your precious time. So get your speed on and bang out a small workout which will get you straight where you wanna be whilst feeling ***Flawless. (I mean the walk may accumulate another 30 mins, but who’s counting.)

And you’ve done it, you’ve actually accomplished a Ten-Minute (or so) Titivate!