Everything you learn during your first semester in Liverpool as a fresher


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Optimism, meal deals and lots and lots of napping

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Everything you weren’t told before you started Liverpool

Red salt and library rivalry

The University are trying to stop people from sleeping on campus

They’re confiscating sleeping bags and bedding

Liverpool University are funding terror

The university has been unwittingly paying extremists’ supporters through online advertising

Colm Tóibín announced as new University Chancellor

He is an award-winning Irish writer

The Tab Tries: Liverpool University Quidditch

I got 99 problems (and a snitch ain’t one)

There has been a major gas leak near North Campus

Students have been evacuated from their accommodation

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A 46 year degree in the making

Everything English Lit students are sick of hearing

Shakespeare is love, Shakespeare is life

The Guild are bringing back their #GuildWish Xmas Campaign

Hey @LiverpoolGuild, I wish for a date with all the rugby team

Police found a bag of guns on Jamaica Street this morning

They recovered a bag of replica firearms

All the people you’ll see at Liv uni gym

All the gear, no idea

The Liverpool Foxes Cheerleading squads have released a new naked calendar

Are they the new Warwick rowers?

There’s been a second assault on UoL Campus

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All the stages of a Concert Square hangover

Every single time

The Ten-Minute-Titivate: How to be ready for your 9am in 10

Mastering the art of rolling out of bed and into a lecture theatre whilst still looking fabulous is easy

Tuition fees are going up but our campus isn’t getting better

Where are the lecture streams, Harry?

Stop saying it’s shit, Halloween is the best holiday of the year

Carve your jack o’lanterns, get out your fake blood and dust off that creative “sexy cat” costume cos it’s about to get sp00ky m8