Liverpool hockey girls: Queens of AU

They dressed up as pre and post 2007 Britney once

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Sports teams of Liverpool, listen up: there’s no point in AU anymore. Give up and go home. The UoL Women’s Hockey Club is in town and they’ve won the AU battle.

Forget slap dash outfits you haven’t really thought of, or rugby boys using the night as a opportunity to go topless. The hockey girls kill their looks every time they dress up.

All together now

We’re talking full on Heidi Klum and Seal halloween looks, before they divorced (and maybe with a little more cardboard and duct tape). They’re bold, brash and fucking hilarious.

The hockey girls don’t do half-arsed: they aren’t going to run the ball half way up the pitch and then chuck it off the astro. They go the whole hog, even with their dressing up. Here’s a compilation of the very best hockey girls AU style, including Miley Cyrus (and her wrecking ball) and Britney, both before and after the breakdown:

Airplanes and air hostesses

I can’t even

The Simpsons

It’s almost too real


Quite terrifying.

Boats ‘n’ Hoes

Check out the dedication to that ship

Builders ‘n’ Bricks

Simple, but effective

Miley Cyrus

And her wrecking ball.

Don’t you ever say I just walked away

Carrots and Bunnies

(Although just the carrots here)

Bath Time

Rub a dub dub

Noah’s Ark

Two by two

Britney (before and after 2007)

Hit me baby one more time

Social Sec for the club, Lauren Roberts, told The Tab: “We go out every week and Wednesday hockey nights are the best nights of the week. There’s always a massive group of us and it’s a good laugh.

“We go to Brookhouse, Faculty, Popworld (and Envi). My favourite outfits were Miley and Wrecking Balls (that’s what we won AU with) and Pigs in Blankets as our Christmas social.

“I try and keep the costs low by picking fancy dress that can homemade but looks effective.”

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