Protesters marched through city in a stand against austerity

The Mayor isn’t a popular guy at the moment

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On Wednesday the city was brought to a standstill as anti-austerity protesters took to the streets in their numbers. 

The nation re-elected Tories earlier this month, but many still feel their voices are not being heard. Hundreds marched across the city to oppose government cuts, reaching Liverpool ONE, Lime Street station and Hannover Street.

According to the organisers of #ProtestMerseyside, Liverpool was one of the “hardest hit” during five years which “led to the biggest fall in living standards for the majority since records began”.

The absence of local student organisation at the protest was noted by activists from several groups. Robbie, 24, a student at SAE with a lovely Scottish accent, told us he believed “students should be one of the main nucleus groups” involved in the organisation of protests such as this.

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