Max William

Max William
Liverpool University


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Why students should care about the Kitchen Street situation

A planning application to build 200 apartments near the club was passed by an almost unanimous council vote

Car destroys students’ garden wall

“It sounded like an earthquake”

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They are releasing a new single to coincide with the final

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Give me a simple quarter pounder and sesame seed bun any day

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Calling Harrogate the happiest place to live in the UK is ridiculous

How did it come higher than Leeds for ‘recreation’?

Would you trust someone with your Facebook profile after you die?

When I’m dead and laid to rest, write me a status that’s the best

Fair-weather cricket fans are ruining the Ashes

You don’t know the first thing about county cricket

Desperate finalists forking out thousands to have essays written for them

A 2:1 in your dissertation will cost you £3,000

Protesters marched through city in a stand against austerity

The Mayor isn’t a popular guy at the moment

You listen to house to escape how dull your life is

What’s a bandwagon?

You’d be a fool to spend your last weekend in Concert Square

You should have grown out of it by now anyway

Loyal fans mourn announcement The Kazimier is closing down


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