Burnt out Smithdown van connected to Wavertree shooting

A handgun was retrieved by Police

Suspected gunman arrested by the Docks this morning

A 19 year old man has been arrested

Police found a bag of guns on Jamaica Street this morning

They recovered a bag of replica firearms

Two men are in hospital after Bold Street stabbing this morning

There were reports of a ‘bloodied rag’ left on the street

Wavertree woman forced to fight off attacker in attempted rape

Merseyside Police have stepped up patrols over the bank holiday weekend

Teenage girl chased around Wavertree park by nude man

A man has been arrested

Cream retains its licence following Boxing Day deaths drugs investigation

Thank god

Brooklyn Mixer will be closed for another two months

It was decided after allegations of violence and disorder

Police have temporarily closed popular club Brooklyn Mixer

The club has seen six violent incidents in the last year

How to decorate your house on the cheap this Christmas

From baggie baubles to takeaway menu paper chainz

You could be fined £1,000 for buying alcohol for drunk friends

The Police are trying to get us to Drink Less Enjoy More again

Protesters marched through city in a stand against austerity

The Mayor isn’t a popular guy at the moment

Life without the library police would be hell

You love them really

Cyclist knocked down near Vine Court

Paramedics are currently on the scene

Emergency services found man collapsed in City Centre flat

He was brought out on a wheelchair and sent to hospital

Multiple men arrested on Smithdown after massive drugs bust

120 officers stormed eight properties this morning

Garlands shut down for three months after huge drugs bust

Six bags of Mkat were found behind the bar

I am scared to live on Smithdown Road

When will it all end?

Armed officers, police horses and a helicopter: There’s been another incident off Smithdown

It’s kicking off again

Shocking figures show homophobic abuse has drastically risen

Figures reveal worrying trend