Yasmin Gasimova

Yasmin Gasimova
Liverpool University


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The NUS is a democratic union: If it doesn’t represent you, change it

It’s not just an exclusive club for radicals

Crash on Smithdown flipped a car upside down

Amazingly no one was injured

A new concept store is coming to Bold Street

It sells products from local designers

Pole Dance society are doing a show for charity

The line up of acts ranges from burlesque to chair balancing

Liverpool’s University Challenge team smashed Newcastle last night

We overtook them in a Lord of the Rings round

‘I was in town during yesterday’s bomb scare’: Fearless witness relives experience

Vanessa saw the events unfold from her window

Chesters closed temporarily after horrific cockroach infestation

The pictures are not for the faint hearted

Hundreds of pigeons on roof lead police to cannabis farm

Tiny little helpers

The Guild have granted 45 Christmas wishes so far

They’ve given away free booze, Urban Decay vouchers and Steve Aoki tickets

Breaking-Bad style ‘meth lab’ discovered near Smithdown


Charity Week raised over 30k for Syrian refugees

80 people climbed mount Snowdon for the cause

A new 24 Kitchen Street club night will have party games like spin the bottle

It’s called ‘Fun Buttons’

In pictures: The best of Fiesta Bombarda

You all loved it

Duncan from Blue will be in ‘pool on Friday

Objection overruled

The Guild shop barriers are the new gates to hell

They’re blocking the path to our dreams

Best dressed of Rhum Club winter freshers’ ball

They should have played ‘Glamorous’ all night

We tried all the mysterious East Asian snacks in LIDA

Is butter a carb?

Natalie Bennett was in ‘pool and we got an exclusive interview

She wants to try a Fat Frog and legalise weed

FemSoc are protesting against pro-life abortion speaker

PhilSoc think they’re attacking his freedom of speech

What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?

‘I fancy him a bit’

We spoke to the main man behind the Guild’s Comedy Central night

It was at the Cellar

Jeremy Corbyn to speak at the Guild on Thursday

Tories watch out, the sassy side-eye’s about

Guild to hold student vote on boycotting Israel

It will be held between 9-13th of November

Merseyside Police join in with rape jokes on Twitter

They have tweeted a formal apology

There was a stabbing near Smithdown Road

The victim is currently in hospital

Locals set fire to bins outside student house in Kensington

Hide yo kids hide yo wife

We can’t prevent initiations, so I think we should embrace them

Do it for the lads

Brave students share their experiences of biphobia in Liverpool

‘No, I won’t have a threesome with you and your boyfriend’

University refuse to reveal their links with The Arms Trade

The information would breach confidentiality

We didn’t come to uni for fancy en-suite rooms no one can afford

Who needs heated towel rails anyway?

MA student is redefining mental health with beautiful images

Her project coincides with World Mental Health Day

I don’t shave and I’m not about to start

Being hairy isn’t scary

In defence of the poly: Time to admit you’re just an insecure snob

They’re actually alright

It’s a shame no one cares about our uni’s sports teams, because they’re actually excellent

When’s the last time you went to a BUCS match?