From great to gruesome: Ranking Lincoln pub’s Halloween decorations this year

Someone better call an exorcist because these decorations are other worldly

Regardless of which pub you prefer, grabbing your friends for the spookiest night of the year will be sure to make for a great Halloween. Even if your flatmates did buy their outfit from Poundland.

Whether it’s pres at the Swan or just one more at the local Wetherspoons, here is our ranking of the greatest and most gruesome Halloween pub decorations this year:

Monster (beer) house

Kicking off the list starting at everyones home from home – The Swan. Why have therapy when you can have a Carling because this little pub is sure to heal any Halloween rejection. But size isn’t everything, taking advantage of dangling witch hats and cobwebs makes a wonderful display (clashing with the unearthly karaoke singing). To go further, the array of pumpkin banners was a nice touch too as the blue roll and D10 gives this bar an added ghoulish appeal – or was it the head on that beer.

Frightening fever

Second on this list being more recognisable to sexy nurse costumes showing off the Horse and Grooms true colours. Aswell as serving Lincoln from 1787, this year’s Halloween decorations definitely served too. Someone ought to call an exorcist as these decorations are other worldly. Honourable mentions being the ghouls dotted around rooms, the array of cobwebs and the overhanging skulls on the beer tap handles – very goth.

The monster crash

Just making the list showcasing the poorer side of Halloween decorations is the Square Sail Wetherspoon. “I vaaant to suck” is what Dracula would have said here as the price of pints were as low as the effort displayed. From its lack of ghostly attire (maybe the Ghostbusters had already been) or even a string of cobweb, saw this pub a place that no Witch Doctor could fix. Seeing as the Invisible Man decorated this pub, try adding a couple cobwebs and maybe a pumpkin to really show off the Halloween spirit.

Lincoln’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Yes, counting the Ask Italian mini bar as a contender but not one with a selection of spooky decorations. Perhaps spending too much time perfecting its food, instead maybe needing to focus on the more important stuff – hideous Halloween decorations. Nothing screams Italian cuisine like a zombie trying to eat your brains, but unfortunately no flesh eating monsters could be found. Despite having brilliant food, ultimately the lack of Halloween theme sent me off on my broomstick.

The Sanderson Union

Calling all occult members to the SU Towers bar. This is a revered staple to all Uni of Lincoln students who are dyingfor some chilling beverages. From pumpkin banners to its very own Witch statue, this bar truly is one to cackle over. The decorations, paired with the outside swamp bog, shows how spooky this bar really gets this time of year. Mausoleums may also take inspiration from its further dangling spider webs also.

More treat than trick

Saving the best till last, the Royal William was a grave step forward in immersing myself in the spooky spirit. Making this paranormal pub great to huddle round a table with your “ghoulies” for some ghost stories – or flat horrors. Added it’s varied display of apparitions and skulls, this pub really tries to make this haunted house a haunted home. Going further, the array of bones here is sure to make any Wolfman feel at home too.

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