Things that shouldn’t be embarrassing as a Lincoln student but actually kind of are

Getting lost in the Minerva Building just ruins the whole day to be honest

It’s difficult to explain, but there are some things as a student that are just embarrassing. These are perfectly normal every day things, but there’s something about them that’s just a bit… icky, and it takes all your courage to actually go out in public and carry out these tasks. Here’s a list of certain struggles that only Lincoln students understand.

Crossing the arts bridge and trying not to trip up the stairs

What is actually wrong with crossing the arts bridge? Well, nothing. It’s a quick and convenient way to get from one side of campus to the other, and it shouldn’t be embarrassing to walk across it. But it just is. Once that fear of tripping up the stairs during the pre-lecture rush hits, it’s game over and you’d rather walk all the way round past the Engine Shed to avoid it.

Getting lost in the Minerva Building

Lincoln students could do their undergraduate degree, masters and PhD at the University of Lincoln and still not know their way around this absolute maze of a building. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, take one wrong turn and you’re back at square one. Very embarrassing when the people sitting in the study spaces see you having to backtrack out of the corridor. Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if they change around those signs in the middle of the night just to catch out sleep deprived students.

Wearing a lanyard

This one is more common with freshers, and anyone above first year wouldn’t be seen dead wearing a uni lanyard. Again, nothing wrong with it, you are given one on move-in day at your accommodation and it identifies to you as being a student at the university. But no one wants to be associated with being a fresher, so therefore it’s socially unacceptable.

Being chased by the swans on the Brayford

Every Lincoln student knows the swans on the Brayford are absolutely ruthless. They will not hesitate to attack if any unwitting student looks at them the wrong way. Most people are aware swans are typically angry creatures and it isn’t unusual for them to kick off, but there’s just something so embarrassing about the panicked half-run, half-dance across the path you have to do in order to get away from them.

Getting stuck at the level crossing

This is one of the worst things that can happen to a Lincoln student. Your heart just sinks upon hearing those beeping noises start as you’re approaching the level crossing, because it means having to climb the stairs and cross the bridge. Standing at the barriers, pretending to reply to a non existent text and waiting an age for the train to go past is just so humiliating and should be avoided at all costs.

Walking home from Morrisons carrying your big shop

Struggling along the main road, knowing that everyone in St Marks accommodation can see you, practically out of breath as you battle with your bag for life full of frozen nuggets and cheap mixers? Horrendous.

Waiting outside seminar rooms

On the rare occasion students arrive early for a seminar, they then have to endure the excruciating wait outside the room as the previous group finishes up. Everyone will stand in complete silence, apart from a couple of awkward jokes about how no one understood the pre-seminar reading. As time ticks on and the tutor doesn’t appear, one brave soul will take one for the team and stick their head round the door to make sure your group hasn’t gone in early, and suffer the ultimate humiliation of interrupting a different class. Thoughts and prayers for the sacrificial student.

Talking to the maintenance staff in student accommodation

Nine times out of ten, the maintenance staff are really lovely and always happy to help, even when you have to contact them late at night to fix the broken fridge. Unfortunately, this makes the shame you feel at the horrific state of your kitchen ten times worse. Knowing that they are probably (and justifiably) judging the overflowing bins and the remnants of last night’s pre drinks is truly humbling.

Kicking people out of the study rooms in the library

It’s always a difficult position to be in when you have to go into a study room full of students and awkwardly break the news to them that unfortunately you’ve booked the room, and have to stand by and watch as they collect their things and file out. Even more embarrassing if you’re one of the people who’s getting kicked out of the room.

Playing sports on the Astroturf knowing that all of Pavs can see you

Unfortunately for the sporty students, the Astroturf is conveniently located right outside the Pavilions accommodation and therefore means that anyone looking out of their bedroom window can see when someone falls flat on their face whilst chasing a football, and the second hand embarrassment is so cringeworthy it’s unreal.


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