What drink you are based on your Lincoln Halloween costume

Are you as basic as a sex on the beach or a cat costume?

These classic Halloween costumes make the rounds every year, so you’re sure to see a few of them on any spooky-themed night out. You’re guaranteed to notice what drinks certain costume orders at the bar, or what energy they embody because of their drink choice. Whatever you decided to dress up as this year, or whatever drinks you decide to order to start the creepy festivities, there will be one drink that stands out as the one that sums up the night and outfit best. Here’s what drink you are based on your fabulous costumes this year.


A vodka coke. An overdone but classic costume deserves a classically over-ordered drink. A dark but sweet mixer with a staple spirit is the perfect drink for anyone in a witchy ensemble. While the outfit is one that you see every year, it’s always exciting to see a new take on this classic fit. So why not go with a staple drink to wash it down?


Tequila shots are deadly and dangerous but a fun shot choice nonetheless. These are the vibes the devil costume gives off every Halloween. They’re fun to have at the party, but dangerous on a night out and are sure to get the whole group drunk, and in a lot more trouble than expected. They will become the devil on their friend’s shoulder telling them that one more shot the night before a 9AM is not such a bad idea. Keep an eye on the friend in this costume this Halloween.


Jager bomb, for a drink as wild as the energy this costume gives off. Sexy, loud, and falling off something by the end of the night. This costume is the life of the party, but also the biggest liability, which is what you get for doing nothing but shots all night. Get ready to be carrying this friend home early from the club.

Sexy Cat

Sex on the beach. The most basic Halloween costume deserves the most basic drink. It’s an easy last-minute costume that works every time and always looks good no matter how you decide to change it up. Feeling good in a cute dress, you decide to order something exciting at the bar…but end up ordering the cocktail everyone starts the night with. But don’t worry, only you could make basic look so sexy.

Police officer

We see the people in this costume, looking stern, handling drama and bragging about being able to handle their drink. So of course, they go for the cheapest and easiest larger to get…a pint of Carling. Unfortunately, whilst you might think you look cool, being sensible means you’re the boring drinker in the group. No shots. No fruity drinks. No funny business.

Greek Goddess

This glamorous outfit gives gin and tonic and the mum of the group energy. The goddess girls this Halloween have been on their fair share of nights out and just want everyone to get home in one piece by the end of the night. The ethereal presence over everyone, they console any teary drunks and make sure everyone’s having the best night possible while sipping on a flavoured gin. Being the group’s guardian angel doesn’t mean they can’t have fun along the way and are sure to bring a good time to any party this year.


The fairy costumes out this Halloween are sweet, bubbly, and so much fun but definitely can’t handle their drink, and so will be the ones in the group ordering Pink Hooch all night. It’s sweet, fizzy, and pink, matching all the fairies out this year perfectly. They’re ready for a good night out with a few friends…as long as it doesn’t get too wild.

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