The ultimate Lincoln inspired Halloween costume guide for 2022

Goodbye first rate Halloween costumes… hello University of Lincoln

As the air begins to feel eerie (not because of the looming new academic year), here at Lincoln we brace ourselves for Halloween night 2022. Finding original costumes can be near impossible and it is inevitable that the nightclubs will fill with cat ears and devil tails. If you’re wanting something a little different, take some inspiration from around the city, and you’ll definitely find something frightfully fabulous. Besides, not all guys can do another year being a sexy maid, so here we count down this years gruesome costumes from feathery beasts to Lincoln Cathedral gargoyles for a little Lincoln inspired treat (or trick) this coming Halloween.

Night of the living… laureate

First on the list is the literary geezer himself: Lord Alfred Tennyson. This man may not be your first thought for a costume but with an almost frightening hairline, giving most Frankenstein’s a run for their money, this is certainly a no brainer. Pair some welly’s, a Darth Vader cape and a Moses-like beard and you will look just like the lord, the myth, the legend.

Ghastly mulch 

Arguably the most recognisable to swamp goers, we have the Lincoln SU swamp. Something born from Cape Fear: add a gallon of compost, and the occasional Stella can, and you may just look the part (that part being practically the upside down). Go further and carry along a shopping basket someone threw in there too – or quite simply just plan a green outfit. This is a no brainer for freshers who want to take in the Lincoln atmosphere. Seriously what is in that water?

Inflatable fear

Next on the list showcasing the finer side of Lincoln: the SU inflatable Quack! duck. Feel free to pair this with the swamp bog for a duo costume (goodbye Ken and Barbie outfits) that certainly will disappoint. Add the 2010 shades, the Quack! tight shirt and headphones and you may just have made yourself into the most revered inflatable in Lincoln. Or go even further and just paint yourself yellow. That duck has had some serious botox.


For a third Halloween costume, seriously recommending the Lincoln Cathedral gargoyle statues. Now to fully immerse yourself into the rascal gargoyle culture, you will have to turn to stone. Nevertheless if you can’t, a long tail, some cardboard horns and a large paper wingspan may just do it. This outfit being the most fitting for Halloween, making it a perfect costume to go out into public with this month – and maybe just a perfect everyday outfit. To go further, try pairing with a friend for some gargoyle-sception.

Beasts of the Brayford

Last on the list we have the array of feathery fiends that you may pick off the Brayford. With a deep connection to the history of Lincoln, these fearsome beasts terrorise the students making Brayford Street more like the Nightmare on Brayford Street. Pluck yourself a handmade paper beak, some large wings and a nasty attitude, making you a replica of every freshers’ bully. Personalise your costume by including the ripped clothes that the birds have bitten off students: so chilling.

Honourable mentions

Try recreating the famous Home nightclub into your Halloween costume by including the likes of RnB party shirts and shades making this an outfit to rave over. And finally, for Mr Phillip Gilbert from the Inbetweeners try walking with a stiff eyebrow and a suit making this probably the ultimate Lincoln 2022 inspired outfit.

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