A couple’s guide to the best date spots in Lincoln

Second date on the cards? Thank us later

It’s officially cuffing season, which means there is only so much time to find the perfect partner to share those cosy walks and pumpkin spice latte’s with. Will it be another lonely Christmas where your nan pesters you about if you’ve finally got a girlfriend, or will your library crush be passing the parsnips at the dinner table? Lincoln is a pretty gorgeous place to date, so if you’ve been lucky enough to find yourself a partner this year, these are the best places to explore together in the city.


Carousel is home to all things carnival with an arcade, fairground drinks and food making this date spot certain to impress. If a bit of fiery competition is just what you need to spice up that spark, challenge each other to some competitive air hockey matches. Did someone say second date for the winner? Perfect for those who’d prefer to have a laugh instead of a serious meal and freely let out their inner child. Besides, is there anything more fun than destroying your partner at basketball? Game on.

The Christmas Market

Comfort food, Christmas music and sparkly lights, I think this might be the official rom-com spot for the perfect wintery date. Each year the market is filled with couples holding hands as they choose their stocking fillers, both looking genuinely overjoyed by the bauble range. There isn’t anything more romantic than sharing a cozy hot chocolate and tasty treats as you sing along to Christmas Carols. Would be the perfect spot for Love Actually 2- someone contact Hugh Grant.

Escobark’s Cafe

How can you not fall in love with someone as they snuggle a puppy? Swoon. There is quite simply nothing more attractive than someone who loves animals. This is a coffee date with a twist, adding some fuzz and fun to a more casual date day. There are four lively chihuahua’s and one friendly old pug to have a cuddle with in the cosy cafe, each with a huge personality of their own. Let’s allow to the pups to be an icebreaker as you mutually plan what dog you’ll both co-parent one day.

West Common

For the nature lovers, the West Common is perfect for a sunset picnic. This is the perfect relaxed date, and a scenic one at that, for couples who want to natter away whilst the horses frolic around. It is a truly gorgeous place to get to know someone and a budget friendly option too. All you need is a blanket, a bottle of Barefoot and a couple conversation starters.

Doddington Hall

For those of you who love Autumn and all things spooky, Doddington Hall has you covered. Picking the perfect pumpkin together would be a sure-fire way to secure date number two (which could be a cuddly carving session). Great for a photo opportunity too, to finally flaunt your library crush on insta. The grounds is perfect for a stroll and is home to one of the most stunning Elizabethan mansions in the country. This is a perfect date and is something a little different to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Cafe Gelato

If you’re wanting to romanticise your life by imagining you’re somewhere dreamy in Italy, Cafe Gelato is the place to be. There are a range of sweet treats like flame-roasted marshmallow hot chocolates and cheesecake cookie dough bricks that could be shared or, of course, devoured solo. With an entirely pink and floral decor, it truly is the most instagrammable cafe in Lincoln. Couples will inevitably find themselves daydreaming about the Trevi-Fountain and a Gondola ride as they tuck into a tub of pistachio gelato.

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