We went to the Cornhill Cove and this is what it’s like

Grab a deckchair, a drink and a golf ball and lets enjoy the sun in the Cornhill Cove!

Dissertation and exam season is upon us and we’re all looking for the perfect spot to relax and take our minds off all the stresses that the final month of university brings.

The Cornhill Cove looks to be just that.

It’s the latest novelty pop up bar and entertainment space to fill up the Cornhill area on Lincoln High Street and much like Thor’s Tipi Bar it’s the perfect place for a drink, food and fits the season perfectly.

It’s designed to feel like a summer’s day at the seaside inside with hammocks, benches, sandpits, bars and live music all helping to set the hot vibe.

But the thing that sets it apart from all the other pop-up bars you’ve seen before is the crazy golf course at the back of it.

Six holes of varying difficulty all for FREE.

Six holes of crazy golf for free

The crazy golf course is the star attraction, but the drinks are also a nice different touch from your average bar.

The summer theme flows through the options as well as you can get all the usual wines, beers, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks but they also have a slushie machine.

Both normal slushies and alcoholic slushies are available with a choice of a spirit.

A Madri and a strawberry slushie

The food options are burgers, German style hot dogs, chips and ice cream all at the usual price you expect to see from a mobile food truck.

It is open every day until the 29th August between 12pm and 7pm Monday to Thursday, and then 12pm to 11pm on weekends.

Photo opportunities are around every corner with three funny photo boards for you to put your head in, a massive deckchair for everyone to squeeze onto and a very Instagram-able background saying “LIFE’S A BEACH” in a sandpit.

Lincoln Business Improvement Group and Open-Air Events are the event organisers who promised to make the Cornhill Cove bigger and better than before after first opening in 2020.

In terms of seating there is a lot of good choices. You can have a seat around a sandpit, on some colourful benches in the garden party seating area, on the sofa section in the cocktail lounge or in one of the many deckchairs.

House music is played through speakers which gives that ultimate summer celebration feel.

If you’re planning on a longer stay in the cove, then there are port-a-loos available for use.

The Cornhill Cove is going to be a favourite of many this summer and its not hard to see why. Good summery vibes, nice food and drinks, creative décor and free crazy golf all together in one place.

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