The Tab Lincoln’s BNOC nominations are OPEN

Nominate the person who you think fulfils the status of being Lincoln’s big name on campus!

The time has come to vote for this year’s big name on campus and decide which Lincoln student is most deserving of the title.

Over the next four weeks, there will be knockout rounds for the most successful nominations. If there’s someone you think would honour the title and carry on The Lincoln Tab’s BNOC legacy then be sure to fill out the form below.

Whether its your flatmate with 100 per cent Superbull attendance, your course mate who shocks you with their night out Bierkeller horror stories or your mate that threatens a little too often for a swim in the Brayford, then they are perfect for the role. There’s no story that’s too scandalous, we want to hear all the juicy details, the bolder the better. This is a great opportunity to expose your friends and give them the title that their actions deserve.

Before you ask, you can vote for yourself, voting is strictly confidential.

From the King of hook-ups to the Queen of Quack, place your nominations in the document below.

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